Pedagogy is Foundation of Transmission of knowledge and skills

Pedagogy is Foundation of Transmission of knowledge and skills
What is the importance of pedagogy in teaching?
Active pedagogy allows commitment, investment and motivation because adults will experience their learning thanks to the different choices that will be offered to them.
Pedagogy is Foundation of Transmission of knowledge and skills1
Then, it allows an enhancement of group work, a predominance of collaboration between all members of the group.

In ancient times, the teacher was a slave. Its functions were to bring children to school, transport their belongings, and supervise them for revision at home… It was around the middle of the 18th century that the word “pedagogy” was defined as the art and mastery of teaching. The aim of pedagogy is first of all the transmission of knowledge and skills. Concretely, the teacher must be able to communicate information and help learners assimilate it. The transmission of skills is essential, particularly in technical and practical education. In the same vein, the teacher can indicate the right avenues for acquiring knowledge and skills: reading selected books, attending conferences and symposia, etc.

It gives students opportunities to express themselves spontaneously at school, at home and in the community. This interaction highlights the language and strengthens the student’s identity and culture.
The educational objective is the explicit formulation of what the teacher seeks to achieve for his students during the training action. This objective is expressed in terms of performance, in the form of observable behavior that the student can accomplish and which can be evaluated.
In reality, the best pedagogy for your child is above all: the one that is in line with your values, those that you want to instill in your child. The one that best suits your lifestyle, the one that allows you to educate your child as you wish, while respecting his or her needs.
Basically, competency-based pedagogy means that instead of focusing on grades and yearly syllabuses, the focus is on each student’s skills in the relevant subject area.
The question of school transmission has always been debated. The old clash between proponents of instruction and those of education resurfaces today, through virulent criticism of the notion of skills

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