Develop Your English Skills through Listening

Develop Your English Skills through Listening

Here are some tips that I would like to share with you, and which will certainly help you improve your comprehension and speaking skills.
Everyone knows how young children learn a language. Before even uttering their first words, they hear their parents speaking and thus gradually become familiar with the language. While it is more difficult for adults to learn a new language, it is still entirely possible. Even as an adult, listening helps improve your language skills.

Develop Your English Skills through Listening

To develop good comprehension skills and speak English fluently, you need to listen to a lot of audio recordings and watch video tutorials in English, such as dialogues, thematic texts and stories. Don’t hesitate to listen to them again and again.

Videos with English subtitles are a great tool. They allow you to listen to the speaker while reading the subtitles; you can then repeat what you just heard, trying to replicate the rhythm and intonation. You can use any audio or video file. This method also helps improve your pronunciation.

Develop Your English Skills through Listening

1. Listen to each sentence several times

2. When you listen to someone speak English, having the text in front of you and being able to read each sentence is a real plus.

3. Make sure you understand each sentence.

4. Not just the meaning, but also the pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Try repeating each sentence without looking at the text

6. Repeat each sentence out loud; trying to imitate the speaker, this will help you memorize them better.
7. Divide your recording into several small parts

8. Compare what you listened to with the subtitles at the end of each paragraph.

9. Listen to the entire recording several times and try to summarize the text or conversation
10. List certain key words, a few sentences or the main ideas of the dialogue or content you have just listened to. This will help you later to speak the text with more ease.

11. It is important to compare what you say with the text or recording.

12. You can also read the text out loud and record yourself, then compare it to the audio or video recording. This may seem a little weird to you, but it’s a great way to improve.
In conclusion

There are plenty of audio and video recordings available in English, whether you’re looking for grammar instructions in audio format (dialogues and grammar rules) or sentences containing more difficult vocabulary words.

You can also use idiomatic expressions to improve your listening comprehension in English.

To test yourself, watch videos with subtitles. Reading and listening to audio recordings will allow you to improve on several fronts and progress more quickly.

Now you know how to improve your speaking skills through listening. All you need to do is put the tips listed in this article into practice.

I’m sure you will succeed! It seems difficult at first, but you will see that you will get there easily with regular training.

“It doesn’t matter how fast you go, the important thing is not to stop.” – Confucius

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