Technological Influence on the Children


A Greater Technological Influence on the Children is estimated, which will require Greater Commitment from the Teachers, Caregivers and Parents. Is it correct?

  • Digital Responsibility is the term we use to describe that level of awareness and support that parents must have when providing their children with different technological devices connected to the Internet.

It is enough to have a tablet, a computer or a cell phone with an Internet connection so that in a matter of hours and without realizing it, we are entangled in the network so If that happens to us as adults, how much more to the smallest and most vulnerable.

  • On the Internet as in real life, there are people with bad intentions, willing to harm the most innocent, under strategies and deceptions that become stronger, if their existence is unknown.
  • The solution is not to disconnect computers from the Internet or discard technology, since it is well used it can become an effective tool, but if it becomes urgent and necessary to know everything that happens in the digital world and prepare to face anyone who wants to destroy our most sacred heritage like ‘THE FAMILY’.

Technological Influence on the Children

  • Faced with this panorama, it is necessary for parents, teachers and caregivers to prepare to protect their children and students against the dangers that exist in the digital world.
  • In this course, parents and teachers will learn about the digital platforms most used by their children, their characteristics, their dangers and will develop a Family Digital Well being plan to counteract the negative effects of technology on their children and students.
  • Our children are the most important asset, so it is necessary to know everything about them and acquire the necessary tools to connect with them and accompany them to achieve their purpose in life.
  1.     Meet your children
  2.     Guide your children
  3.     Project your children


  • A digital platform is not good or bad. It is how it is used that makes it a construction tool or a weapon of destruction. That is why it is important to know the main characteristics of the different digital platforms that your children use.
  1.     Learn about digital platforms 1
  2.     Get to know the digital platforms 2
  3.     Manage digital platforms as a family


  • The dangers on the Internet are not new, they are the same dangers as always (abuse, deception, fraud, etc.) only now encoded for digital platforms. For this reason, parents, teachers and caregivers must know these dangers and the different strategies that are used to deceive the smallest and most vulnerable.
  1.   What makes them dangerous?
  2.  Grooming (The preparing child for meeting, specially via an internet chat room for sexual offence)
  3.  Sexting and Sextortion (it is a form of blackmail in which sexual information or images used to extort sexual favour or illegal money)
  4.   Cyber bullying (Cyber Harassment’s
  5.  Vamping ( Flirt)


  • Faced with the reality of these dangers, we have two options: Shut down technology, which would turn us into a kind of analog cavemen in a digital age, or prepare with a digital wellness plan, to protect our family, but also to make the most of all the functionalities offered by technology platforms


  1.     Digital Detox (A period of time during which a person refrains from using digital devices regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the corporal world)
  2.     Digital Protection
  3.     Development of Digital Well being Plan


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