Basic Purposes of Using Audio Visual Aids

         Basic Purposes of Using Audio Visual Aids

Audiovisual aids are defined as any device used to aid in the communication of an idea. From this definition, virtually anything can be used as an aid, providing it successfully communicates the idea or information for which it is designed.
Lestage (1959) claims that audio-visual aids are the most recently used of these methods (films, filmstrips, radio and television)

 Basic Purposes of using audio-visual aids:

Visual aids are very important and effective in the process of meaningful teaching and learning. If we use audio impact of lesson, teaching and classroom environment is long lasting.-visual aids considering the needs of the students as well as the lesson. Impact of lesson, teaching and classroom environment is long lasting.
Basic Purposes of Using Audio Visual Aids
·         Visual aids capture the attention of students and they start participating and taking interest in the lesson.
·         Students not only clarify their concept but also associate their abstract concepts with the visual aids and they get better understanding of the concepts.
·         Visual example from surroundings of the daily life work as great motivation for the students. Paul Stephan (1994) said that for the effective teaching it is necessary for the teachers to make subject exciting and like that whenever possible the students can relate to their real world.
Types AV aids


                                 Use of AV aids in Pakistani schools:

In most of the schools it has been observed that teachers pay least attention in using AV aids while delivering their lessons although they are professionally trained and well aware of the importance of using resources materials for effective teaching / learning.
Majority of teachers mentioned following reason for not using resource materials while teaching:
·         Limited Budget – allocation.
·         Excessive workload
·         Non availability of required materials.
·         Limited exposure (training, refresher courses, resource person. guidance and counseling by the head teacher ) handicaps them to develop substitute teaching materials
·         Sometimes a careless attitude of teachers in using the resource materials while teaching.

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