Case Study of Quality Drive in Adopted School


 Case Study of Quality Drive in Adopted School

Name of adopted School GMPS Sanjar

 by Muhammad Ameen Ghouri DTE_2

        Total Strength of students Grade 1= 26/Grade2= and Grade 3= 10

·        Results:

·         Pre-TestGrade 1= 45%   /   Grade 2=  37%     /    Grade 3= 30%
case study of quality drive
·         Mid-TestGrade 1= 64%   / Grade 2=  67%      / Grade 3=  71%
 Post-TestGrade 1= 100% / Grade 2= 100%  / Grade 3= 100%
It is now documented that students can learn more effectively when actively involved in the learning process .The case study approach is one way in which such active learning strategies can be implemented in adopted institution. My case studies as student centered activities based on topics self-introduction, lesson delivered in grade1, 2 and 3 for English are such as vocabulary, fluency, 1.Phonological awareness, 2.Word identification, 3.Composition, 4.Reading Comprehension,
The following Quality Drive Syllabus /topics are delivered to the students in seven weeks:
1.       Assalam o alikum (Good Morning, Good after noon, Good evening etc.
2.       Self-introduction: 


Ø  What is your name?
Ø  What is your father name?
Ø  What is your mother name?
Ø  What is your brother/sister name?
Ø  What do you want to be?
Ø  Name of the days of week/month.
Ø  Classroom Interaction is a practice that enhances the development of the two very important language skills which are speaking and listening among the students.
Ø  Classroom Interaction can be categorized under these main headings such as:
Ø                       —— Collaborative Learning
Ø                       —— Discussions and Debates
Ø                      —— Interactive Sessions
Ø                      —— Loud Reading
Ø                      —— Story-telling
Ø                      —— Soliloquies
Ø                     —— Conversation with learners
Ø                    ——- Role Play
Ø   (The beginning of the Lesson)
Ø  Good Morning:
Ø  Good morning everybody.
Ø  Good afternoon everybody.
Ø  Hello, everyone.
Ø  Come in.
Ø  Go out
Ø  Stand up
Ø  Sit down.
Ø  Hello there Adeel come to the front of class.
Ø  Stand by your desks.
Ø  Put your hand up
Ø  Put your hands down.
Ø  Hold your book/pen up.
Ø  Show me your pencil.
Ø  How are you?
Ø   How are you today, Amir?
Ø  How are you getting on?
Ø  How’s life?
Ø  How are things with you, Ali?
Ø  Are you feeling better today, Ahmad?
Ø  Say the names of things which you have seen in your classroom/school environment such as door, window, writing board, chart, clock, nail etc.
Ø  Say the names of things which are present in your bag such as copy, book, pencil, sharper etc.
Ø  Say the names of parts of body such as head, shoulder, hand, finger etc.
Ø  Identify words of same sound such as 1. Cat, bat, rat, fat, sat, mat … 2. Day, may, way, say, hay………
Ø  Say the names of vegetables such as lady finger, cauliflower, potato etc.
Ø  Say the names of fruits such as apple, mangoes, orange, bananas etc.
Ø  Tell the names of traffic lights such as Green, Yellow and Red.
Ø  Say the Describing words  such as small/big, green/yellow, are delivered to the students
Ø  Recognize and change the number of simple naming words  by adding or removing ‘s’ such as cap/caps, apple/apples etc.
Ø  Classify and change the gender of nouns from environment such as uncle, aunts, boy, girl, cow, bull etc.
Competition day at adopted school on 14/5/2016

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