Classroom Language (The end of the Lesson)

      Classroom Language (The end of the Lesson)

1.     Time to stop:


·         It’s almost time to stop.
·         I’m afraid it’s time to finish now.
·         We’ll have to stop here.
·         There’s the bell. It’s time to stop.
·         That’s all for today.

2.     No time to stop:

Classroom Language (The end of the Lesson)

·         The bell hasn’t gone yet.
·         There are still two minutes to go.
·         We still have a couple of minutes left.
·         The lesson doesn’t finish till five past.
·         We seem to have finished early.
·         We have an extra five minutes.
·         Sit quietly until the bell goes.

3.     Wait a minute:

·         Who would like to read?
·         It might be an idea to leave this till next time.
·         Let me explain what I want you to do next.
·         Hang on a moment.
·         Just hold on a moment.
·         Stay where you are for a moment.
·         Just a moment, please.
·         One more thing before you go
·         Listen to what—-is saying.
·         Leave that alone now.
·         Be careful.
·         Back to your places.

4.     Next time:

·         Yes, that’s right.
·         fine
·         Almost, Try again
·         Look this way.
·         Stop talking.
·         What about this word?
·         We’ll do the rest of this chapter next time.
·         We’ll finish this exercise next lesson.
·         We’ve run out of time, so we’ll continue next lesson.
·         We’ll continue this chapter next Monday.

5.     Homework:

·         This is your homework for tonight.
·         Do exercise 10 on page 23 for your homework.
·         Prepare the next chapter for Monday.
·         There is no homework tonight.
·         Remember your homework. Take a worksheet as you leave.

6.     Goodbye:

·         Goodbye, everyone.
·         See you again next Wednesday.
·         See you tomorrow afternoon. See you in room 7 after the break.
·         Have a good holiday.
·         Enjoy your vacation.

7.     Leave the room:


·         Get into a queue.
·         Form a queue and wait for the bell.
·         Everybody outside!
·         All of you get outside now!
·         Hurry up and get out!
·         Try not to make any noise as you leave.
·         Be quiet as you leave. Other classes are still working.

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