Classroom Management in MGT

    Classroom Management  in Multi-grade Teaching   

 Teachers in multi-grade teaching schools need to be very flexible in their management of classrooms to fit particular teaching situation, the physical environment and the composition of the class. Different arrangements of furniture are proposed depending upon the activities to be undertaken. To secure discipline, students are given guides standards to follow. In classroom instruction, Students are given guides /standards to follow. In classroom instruction, students are grouped so that a group works with the teacher at one time while the rest of the students are involved in self-directed study. Students’ work is displayed on the walls of the classroom.

In many multi-grade classrooms, the arrangement of classroom furniture and the grouping depends on the activities to be undertaken.  In skills subjects such as reading, language and mathematics, students are grouped by ability across grade levels. While the teacher works with one grade level, the two other groups have self-directed activities or seat-work
The given figures indicate the flexible approach that can be adopted.

Three dimension of classroom management

                               Three dimensions of classroom management
 Teacher                                            Classroom                                                  Students
Planning                                          Physical conditions                                      Time on task      
Classroom control                            Materials                                                        Behaviour
Use of time                                      Actvities                                                        Relationship
Delegation of responsibilities        Routines                                                           Responsibilities
·         As a multigrade teacher, you are the key to planning, designing, and managing a range of both                   grade-apprpriate and mixed activities.
·         For children to keep them engaged in learning. Your efficiency and effectiveness rest on creating a classroom conducive to learning.

     Practical Tips for Teaching Multi-grade Classes


·         Developing exciting and stimulating activities ranging from group work to independent study
·         You play a central role in managing the classroom in the following ways:
·          Planning:  The use of the classroom “space”, especially flexible
·         Seating:  Arrangements for both you and your students
·         Planning and carrying out multiple lessons at the same time
·         Designing activities for students to keep them involved
·         Creating, arranging, and using teaching and learning materials
·         Establishing norms of behaiour expected of students to keep them learning.

         Types of Activities in Multi-grade Classroom


·                                        *    Quick or individual study
·                                        *  Whole class instruction
·                                        *Group discussion
·                                       *  Testing
·                                       *  Partner work
·                                   *    Reference

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