The Chief Minister of Punjab’s School Reforms

 The Chief Minister of Punjab’s School Reforms Road Map             


Roadmap Goals & Indicators:

Quality education for all is the top most priority of the Government of Punjab. In order to realize the vision of a prosperous Punjab, the Government of Punjab launched the ‘School Reforms Roadmap’ in April 2010 that has three goals:
·         Every child is enrolled in school
·         Every child retained in school
·         Every child learns and makes progress


  Guiding Principles for PSESP:





·         It is guided by the “Chief Minister’ School Reforms Road Map” (Govt. of Punjab year 2011), which has identified the following initiatives:
·         100% enrollment of all children  school-going age
·         100% retention of all enrolled students up to the age of 16
·         Free, compulsory and internationally competitive education for all
·         Merit-based  recruitment and management of staff
·         Targets  for officers and ranking of districts on target
·         Transparent selection of officers and their retention linked with targets; and
·         Incentives for good performance
Since the Reforms aim to achieve transformational change at the school level, head teacher will play the most crucial role in the success of these reforms. The provincial leadership including the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary personally monitoring the progress of each district against the Roadmap on monthly basis Head teacher are expected to work together with the EDO’s team to ensure progress against the following indicators of the Roadmap:
·         Achievement in PEC Examination
Teacher Quality
·         Teacher presence
·         DTE visits
·         Teacher guides presence & use
Enrolment and Attendance
·         Enrolment attendance gap
·         Increase in school enrolment(School Census)
District Management
·         Provision of free textbooks
·         School visits
·         Meeting of district review Committe
Facilities and Resources
·         Functioning of school facilities
·         School cleanliness
·         Non- Teaching Staff Presence
·         Curtailing illegal fee
·         Progress of Up-gradation of schools
·         Progress of missing facilities
·         Reduction of Audit Paras
·         Transfer of SC funds into bank accounts of School Councils
·         Provide NSB fund per students
·         The Punjab Free and Compulsory  Education bill 2013
Every district has been provided its own target for each of the above indicators. All 36 districts of Punjab are being ranked based on the progress towards the target on each indicator.

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