How to choose your English Grammar book?

How to choose your English Grammar book?
Several elements come into account when it comes to choosing the right book for learning English.
Whether you want to take an exam (TOEIC, TOEFL, BULATS, etc.), communicate with a friend in English, write a cover letter in English or improve before a trip abroad, your expectations are not the same.
How to choose your English Grammar book2
You must therefore be careful to choose a book adapted to your needs.

Although the grammar rules do not change from book to book, the method of learning may vary.

Some manuals are sold in several volumes, some have listening CDs, and others have numerous exercises for conjugating English verbs, among others.
For example, favor books with a CD if you want to go abroad. It is important to train your ears to get used to the British, American, Canadian or other accent.
If you don’t have a lot of time to take English lessons, express methods will do the trick very well.
How to choose your English Grammar book1
When you start taking English lessons, it is also important to know your level in the language beforehand.

To do this, refer to the various tests on the internet. These allow you to know if your level is equivalent to level A1, A2…

Indications of levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages; The proficiency levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 are used to develop common programs, exams and certificates for all foreign languages.
The levels take as criteria oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension and written comprehension.
How to choose your English Grammar book
Grammar manuals are then developed based on these level indications and exercises adapted to acquire new knowledge.
So be careful to choose the appropriate level.
Here are some examples of chapters that you can find in an English grammar book for beginners:
The use of capital letters,
Cardinal adjectives (numerals and numbers),
The gender of nouns,
Plural of nouns,
Possessive adjectives and pronouns,
Adjectives: forms & uses,
Adjectives: order of adjectives.
As well as courses for the intermediate level:
Reflexive pronouns,
SOME, ANY, NO and their compounds,
The uncountable nouns,
Use of THE,
The modals,
Causative structures,
The comparative,
The superlative,
The indirect style,
The passive,
Interrogative pronouns,
English grammar books can be found both on the internet and in bookstores or department stores.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from salespeople who will be able to direct you to books that they know or which have had success in sales, and who will perhaps give you some tips on the English language.
Don’t be afraid to explain your situation and your expectations (departure for a language stay, complete beginner in learning English, need for grammar exercises for improvement,…
The best English grammar books
The “Grammar à la carte” collection
In the digital age, it is now possible to obtain books in two ways: digital books and paperbacks.
Available via the internet, this collection of books is very complete. It is then possible to find the manual that corresponds to your level.

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