How to Improve your English Grammar

How to Improve your English Grammar
Do you want to improve your level of English, especially your grammar, but don’t know where to start?
How to Improve your English Grammar
Be accompanied by a professional and experienced teacher from my Blog! It will help you learn the grammatical rules, acquire the basics of grammar, the rules, the exceptions, in short the fundamental knowledge of English.
How to Improve your English Grammar
Here, you will be able to construct a correct sentence, without mistakes and develop your communication skills in a short time.

The private English lessons that we offer are done by videoconference or by telephone.

The learning method that we offer you is unique and adapted to all types of levels.

We would like to point out that professional training can be financed by the CPF (Personal Training Account).

Learning with a coach allows you to learn faster and more permanently. It structures you, it follows you, it motivates you to practice, no excuses not to practice or study.
How to Improve your English Grammar
Any way to learn on your own is also great. They allow you to put into practice what you learn with a coach or teacher. In fact, it is the teachers who indicate to the trainee the exercises to carry out on the e-learning platform for the next course.

Mastery of English grammar is important to enable you to construct simple, clear, correct sentences and to be understood by your interlocutors. .

Indeed, if you do not master grammatical rules, you will not be able to construct understandable sentences and will not be able to express your thoughts correctly.

For those who have difficulty with English grammar, particularly with regard to regular and irregular verbs, prepositions, conjugations, adjectives, conjunctions, determiners, etc., here are some methods that will allow you to progress quickly and efficiently
1. Listen to podcasts in English:
Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn grammar effectively. Indeed, listening to native speakers will allow you to acquire the language and its subtleties rather than learning the rules by heart.

The more you listen, the more easily and quickly you will remember the way a sentence is constructed and structured.
This will also give you an idea of what is correct and what is not correct in terms of speaking, especially when starting a conversation with another person.

With podcasts, you can hear real conversations in English, so you know how to pronounce words correctly.
By listening to the audio every day, you will be able to understand words and memorize them easily and above all analyze grammar
The advantage of using podcast is that it can be listened to anywhere and at any time.
How to Improve your English Grammar
2. Learn with grammar apps:
Grammar apps are excellent alternatives for improving your English grammar. Easy to use, you can download them on both devices: Android and iPhone.
How to Improve your English Grammar
3. Learn English Grammar:
This is a free app, designed to help you improve your English grammar skills.

This app helps strengthen your grammar skills because it provides thousands of grammar questions that use 10 unique activity types, such as fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions.

This learning tool also covers 25 grammar topics, 600 interactive activities to help you practice and improve English grammar accuracy.

You can download this free English grammar app. You can use it whenever you want and wherever you are: in the office, in a cafeteria, in the metro, on the bus…
How to Improve your English Grammar
4. Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge:
This is a very popular grammar app, a kind of timed quiz game that tests common vocabulary, spelling and grammar that appear in everyday English in 60 seconds.
How to Improve your English Grammar
Quiz master Johnny Grammar offers a battle between you and your friends. This entertaining game involves answering a variety of questions to earn the Grammar Guru, Word Wizard, and Supreme Speller badges.

It covers a wide range of common topics such as travel, leisure, food… and three different difficulty levels.

This fun game allows you to earn badges as you progress through the application. It is an essential tool for practicing English grammar.
How to Improve your English Grammar
5. Train with fun exercises:
When looking to strengthen your grammar skills, don’t just memorize grammar rules rather, Do exercises!

There are many sites that offer exercises on various topics. You can choose the topic that suits you best.

In fact, online exercises are interesting because they provide you with the answers and sometimes also tips and explanations, which will help you, detect your grammatical errors.

To be more effective, train with fun exercises. This will allow you to progress at your own pace.

For example, you can play online games and quizzes that involve completing sentences or solving puzzles.
How to Improve your English Grammar
6. Read a lot to improve your English grammar:
When you start learning English, especially grammar, start with reading. The more you read, the more you listen, the more you delve into grammar rules. This will allow you to easily learn the order of words in a sentence, the nature and function of words, etc.
Read English texts whenever you have free time. Moreover, it is a simple method that does not require specific tools.
How to Improve your English Grammar
Reading remains a preferred method for knowing different types of turns of phrase, becoming familiar with a vocabulary list and improving your spelling.

Reading all kinds of works, whether literary or not, will not only give you grammatical precision, but also a much sharper sense. It will also allow you to discover many different writing styles.

Additionally, it improves both speech accuracy and fluency so you can speak spontaneously and communicate effectively.

Reading will allow you to encounter different grammar rules, which will naturally reinforce the correct use of grammar in your mind.
Make English grammar books and manuals your best supporter:
Books and textbooks are one of the secret weapons that will help you excel in English grammar.

They are full of lessons and exercises that will help you formulate simple and correct sentences.

Choose a grammar book adapted to your needs which will help you discover all kinds of grammar rules, errors to avoid, verb tenses, the use of lowercase and uppercase letters, direct and indirect style…

7. Here are some examples of books that can help you improve your grammar:
How to Improve your English Grammar
a) Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy
This is a textbook designed for self-study of English grammar.

This is one of the most popular grammar books on the market. Many learners use it to learn to speak English and to progress from a secondary level.

This book offers a wide range of grammar exercises and covers the essential elements of Shakespeare’s language.
How to Improve your English Grammar
b) Advanced English Grammar by Martin Hewing’s:
The famous Advanced English Grammar by Martin Hewing’s, textbooks was probably part of your youth for learning the basics and techniques of the foreign language.

Today, you can still use them to learn to speak English, especially by working on grammar. These books are known for their ease of use and effectiveness.
How to Improve your English Grammar
c) Gram-Mars Wars:
Gram-Mars Wars is suitable for any type of game that involves learners in fighting aliens using the power of grammar.

The goal of this game is for them to practice over 100 different grammar topics, including nouns, pronouns, linking verbs, prepositions, possessives, adjectives, present simple, future perfect, l spelling, advanced vocabulary, sentence types, etc.

The app contains over 300 different levels with tutorials and daily challenges.
How to Improve your English Grammar
d) Subscribe to a YouTube channel:
Whatever you’re level in the language of Shakespeare, it is entirely possible to progress in English grammar thanks to a good learning method.

Enrich your linguistic knowledge, particularly in English, thanks to YouTube. Indeed, it offers tutorials which offer different examples of situations.

YouTube is at the forefront of learning English in the best way, as it offers lessons, exercises followed by explanations and advice.

8. Here are some examples of best YouTube channels for beginners:
How to Improve your English Grammar
a) English with Lucy:
This YouTube channel is dedicated to beginners who want to progress in English, particularly in British English. It offers a wide range of videos that you can watch at any time for free.

The lessons will benefit you a lot, the videos are fun, easy to watch and focus more on practical, spoken language than on in-depth exploration of grammar.
How to Improve your English Grammar
b) Speak English with Mr. Duncan:
On his YouTube channel, Mr. Duncan, a enthusiast of the language of Shakespeare, offers free online teaching.

It offers English lessons three times a week on its online platform: fun videos, lessons to learn deep grammar, etc.

Throughout the week, his entertaining tips and lessons cover a variety of topics, from nature to slang, current events, fashion and even survival instincts.

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