How to use an English Grammar book?

How to use an English Grammar book?
Learning English with a grammar book requires a minimum of organization. It’s not just about buying a book and then doing a few exercises once in a while.
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English grammar books are regularly presented in the form of chapters. Chapters organized by difficulty, levels or objectives, to take the English TOEIC test, for example.

These different categories should help you organize your learning.

First, work on the lesson that is presented. Read it once to get a general idea and without dwelling on terms you don’t understand.
Then resume reading more carefully. It is then important to understand all the steps. Use examples to help yourself. They allow you to understand the lesson on concrete cases.

A series of exercises is then proposed to you to put the lesson into practice.
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Little tip: it may be useful to copy the exercise onto a separate sheet so that you can reuse it later.

Then do the exercise and correct yourself to assess whether or not you have mastered the course.

If the grammar rule is acquired, it may be advantageous to create a small summary sheet with your own words and a few examples in order to properly record the lesson.

This sheet can then be used to quickly revise before an exam or when going abroad.
Do not hesitate to create thematic sheets of English vocabulary, irregular verbs, idiomatic expressions, different tenses. Some books have their own sheets at the end of the manual. Just detach them to enjoy them.

However, be aware that the brain often remembers better when you write your own notes.
In addition, prefer to use a pen rather than a computer. This also affects the effectiveness of learning according to a study carried out by two Norwegian scientists.

And to progress in the language more quickly, try to work regularly by developing a program.

It is important to dedicate time to your learning. This could be 10 minutes every evening before bed or an hour in the morning on public, each person at his own pace can use an English grammar book.

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