Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?

Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?

Education and training play a major role in the completion of any civilized society, especially when the people of a country have forgotten their values.
Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?
The role of government educational institutions and educational policy is very important, but private educational institutions also have to fulfill their responsibilities as a nation so that by continuing the process of knowledge and skills, education and training and research, the nation can be freed from darkness.

It can be taken out and brought to light and can be easily saved from every economic and social crisis.
Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?

Question: What is the importance of education to you?

There is no soul in this world that does not go through the process of learning and teaching. The beginning of the human race began with the existence of Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him).

If we consider the conversation between the Lord of the universe and the angels at that time, it is clear that the existence of man was not of any special importance in the knowledge of the angels. But Allah Almighty said that what I know are you. They don’t know.
Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?
And then by teaching Adam the names of all things, he made them distinguished and reliable, so that even the angels were kept ignorant. Therefore, the importance of knowledge was highlighted along with the existence of man. .

The importance of knowledge for understanding the mysteries and secrets of the universe can be estimated from the fact that the first word of the first revelation that Allah revealed to His last Messenger, Hazrat Muhammad, is translated as “read” which means education. Clarifies the reality and importance of Education is a must for moral, economic, political but also all kinds of development of nations. According to me, education is the food of the soul and without education a person is incomplete.
Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?
Education and training is the jewel with which we can play a fundamental and key role in the reform, development and prosperity of the country and the nation and this is the tool with the help of which it is possible to distinguish between right and wrong.

Education is the only means by which the nation can be freed from the darkness of poverty, ignorance, backwardness, extremism and terrorism.

Through the Holy Qur’an, Allah has encouraged man to continuously study and gain knowledge. Getting worldly education is as much better in the eyes of Allah as getting religious education.

If the Muslims are to regain their lost position, they will have to master every field of education. Just as the stars are the adornment of the sky, the educated people are the adornment of the earth, while the pen and book are the best friends of man and the jewel of development and prosperity, so there is a need to promote the culture of pen and book in the society.
Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?
Question: How important is women in the field of education?

The importance of education and training of women in the establishment of a positive constructive and democratic society, peace and harmony and development is an undisputed fact. It is like teaching a family.

Women’s education is also an important component for the development of society and Islam also emphasizes on women’s education. The number of women in our country is more than men, so our country cannot develop until women are educated because an educated and virtuous mother can make a child a good member of the society.
Is Private Sector Promoting Quality Education?
Question: What are the reasons for improving the quality of education in private schools near you?

Providing quality education in private schools and its fruits are evident in the form of exams and their excellent results to the students.

Private schools have maintained their superiority by proving excellent management and today the results of private educational institutions are not much better than those of public educational institutions.

Rather, in the top positions in education boards across the country, especially in Punjab, the intelligent and talented children of these institutions stand out on the position standards.

It should be improved and the private educational institutions which are providing high and quality education to their students at any level and their results are excellent, their educational services should be recognized at the official level.

Why critics of private educational institutions do not see the things that have led to reliance on private educational institutions, if the flaws, shortcomings and shortcomings of public institutions are removed, their reputation can be restored.

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