Is Reading Essential in Learning English Language

Is Reading Essential in Learning English Language
Reading and writing proficiency means the ability to identify, understand, express, create and interpret concepts, feelings, facts and opinions, orally and writes it.
Is Reading Essential in Learning English Language
To read quickly and efficiently in English, you must learn to “read diagonally” and “skim” a text. We talk about “diagonal reading” when we read a text very quickly in order to get the general idea and “skimming” when we look for specific information in a text
After listening in English, reading simple and progressively more complex texts is a great strategy to improve your understanding of English and expand your vocabulary. Reading is essential in learning a foreign language, because it allows you to discover new words, expressions and linguistic structures. For this, it is recommended to choose books adapted to your level of Urdu and English. A collection of progressively difficult texts can be useful for progressing little by little.
1) Simple texts
At the beginning, it is preferable to read simple texts in French to facilitate understanding. Then you can move on to texts written in English, choosing books adapted to your level. Harry Potter is a popular series that can be an interesting option for reading in English. The saga offers a good way to learn English vocabulary and grammar while following a captivating story. If you are at a more advanced level, you can also read books from different genres to diversify your learning.
2) Films in original version
It is also recommended to watch films in the original version to improve your understanding of English. You can start with films that you already know in French, to make it easier to understand the context. This will help you get used to listening to English and become familiar with pronunciation and intonation.
3) Reading
Reading is a great way to improve your English level. Choose books adapted to your level, be interested in different genres of texts, use gradual collections, and don’t forget to watch films in the original version. With regular practice, your understanding of the English language will improve quickly.
Here are some tips to help you choose and approach texts effectively:
4) Determine your skill level
Identify your current level of English in order to select texts adapted to your level of understanding. You can start with simple texts, such as children’s stories or short articles, and then progress to more complex texts as your understanding improves. The more you read, the more your English vocabulary will grow and your command of the language will improve.
5) Use resources for English learners
Opt for books, articles or websites designed specifically for English learners. These resources often provide texts graded according to difficulty level, translations, or vocabulary explanations to help you understand the content.
6) Vary types and topics
Explore a variety of literary genres, such as novels, short stories, news articles, blogs, and more. Also choose texts on topics that interest you to maintain your motivation and engagement while reading.
7. Take notes and look up unknown words
As you read, write down any words or phrases you don’t understand. Use a dictionary or online tools to look up their meaning. Try to incorporate them into your vocabulary and reuse them in your own conversations or writings.
8. Practice reading regularly

Spend regular time reading in English. Even a short daily session can help improve your comprehension and strengthen your reading skills. Make reading a habit in your learning routine.
Analyze the structure and style of the writing

As you read, observe sentence structure, transitions between ideas, and writing style. This will help you develop your own English writing style and better understand the nuances of the language.
9. Discuss texts with other learners or a teacher

Share your impressions and questions about the texts with other learners or an English teacher. This will allow you to strengthen your understanding and deepen your thinking on the topics covered.
By regularly practicing reading English texts, you will develop your reading skill, vocabulary and overall understanding of the English language. The more you read, the more you will improve your language level and your ability to understand increasingly complex texts. Don’t hesitate to choose books adapted to your level and your interest, in order to make learning English more pleasant. You can also consult online courses, text collections or translations of books in English to become more familiar with the language.

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