Islam & Woman of Today

Islam &Women; Woman of Today

Islam & Woman of Today


·         “Our women are precious to us.” That is the typical Muslim response when asked about the treatment of women in Islam”
Islam & Woman of Today

  Historically, the interpretation of Islam has been largely a male endeavor. Although the first convert to Islam was a woman (Muhammad’s first wife, Khadijah), and women played an important role in the transmission of hadith (the sayings and deeds of the prophet Muhammad) and the development of Sufism, women have generally been marginalized from the male centers of Islamic interpretation, including both scripture and law, and leadership roles in public worship. But this has changed in recent times, Specially in Pakistan

·         Position of women in our society is, on the whole, not very satisfactory. Most of our women living in the villages are depended their husbands or other man looking after their families. Very few women enjoy independent position as owners of land or property.
·         Underage marriage is all too common in the villages.
·         Honor killings are all too common in villages of Pakistan with new cases reported every few days. Earlier this year, two teenage girls and their mother were killed because the girls had been filmed dancing in the rain, and the video made the rounds via mobile phones.
·         Women in the cities are in somewhat better position. Some of them can, of course, get educated & lives their own choice, but women in poor families like those of laborers or wage earners live like village women.
Islam &Woman of Today
·         We should give enough chances to our women to work in different fields of life. Chances should be given to village women to come to cities to study or to learn practical skills of doing agricultural or industrial work. They should be marry their own choice.
·         Yet it is necessary for our women to take special care of their homes, husbands and children. The first duty of every woman is to look after her family.
·         We should give the right place to our woman in society. Only then can we make progress as a nation



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