Learner Friendly Classroom (Classroom Display)

     Learner Friendly Classroom (Classroom Display)

Learner Friendly Classroom (Classroom Display)

Displays are essential tools for supporting students’ learning and making the classroom
Wall displays are also useful as a means for students to interrogate their own … Students used the wall display in the classroom during science

          Advantage of Display

·         Colorful / attractive environment
·                                                                                                                    More welcoming
·         Reference material to help Ss learner and practice L2
·         Students ‘feel at home’ and comfortable in their classroom.
·         They will take pride in their classroom.
·         More conducive for learning.
Learner Friendly Classroom (Classroom Display)
·         Lets teachers simultaneously instruct remote and local students.
·         It provides a pen-based user interface on a projected display.
·         Lets the teacher control the presentation of lecture materials
·         Inform the teachers of classroom events.

                                     Types of Display


·         Useful classroom language,
·         Grammar tips.
·         Key verbs and conjugations.
·         Common adjective/ noun pairs.
·         Key tense use with example.
·         Labels objects in classroom.
·         Labels drawings of key vocabulary.
·         Expressions illustrated.
·         Students’ class work.

                        Who should make displays and why?

   Students should make them!

·             Ownership
·              Students take responsibility for their learning space
·             Encourages learner autonomy



·         Responsibility for their learning
·         Pride in their work and classroom.

                                                                                                          How can we create displays using limited resources?


·         Use images: magazines, newspapers
·         Students can draw images
           Use nature to make things: collect leaves and sticks and make a collage picture
·         Do a classroom project to decorate classroom with posters and display that will be useful for their learning. Use students own work to display around the classroom
·         Stick on walls, hang on string with clips around room

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