• The words that express some sudden feelings or emotions are called interjection. It is not a part of speech because it does n`t enter into the structure of a sentence. It stands independently.



Interjection may express:

                                  1. Joy:              [Hurrah! Huzzah! Wao! ]

                                  2. Grief:           [Alas! Ah! Oh!]

                                  3. Surprise:      [Ha!   What! Well!]

                                 4. Approval:     [Bravo!  Great! Well done!  ]

                                 5. Order:           [Hold!  Quick! Ready!]


1.      Hello! What are you doing here?

2.      Alas! My friend has died.

3.      Hurrah! We have won the match.

4.      Oh! I got such a surprise.

5.      Hush! Don`t say a word.

Certain groups of words are also used as interjections;

1.      Ah me!

2.      For shame!

3.      Good heavens!

4.      Good gracious!

Some adjectives are also used as interjections;

1.      Great! You have done a good job.

2.      Nice! You played well.

3.      Good! We can use it.

4.      Sweet! It looks so cute.

Some nouns are also used as interjections;

1.      Congratulations! You have passed the exam.

2.      Man! What have you done?

The following parts of speech are sometimes used as interjections;

                                  Noun: A horse! A horse! My dukedom for a horse!

                                  Verb: would it were eternal spring!

                                  Adverb:  How nice of you to come!

                                  Conjunction:  If only I were young again!

                                  Infinitive:  To think of him as a friend!

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