THE PHRASE & ITS TYPES Subject English Grade 10th

  • Phrase is a group of words that express a concept and is used as a unit within a sentence. It does n`t contain a subject and verb, and consequently can`t convey a complete thought, such as;

i.                    The sun rises in the east.

ii.                  She sat on the wall.

iii.                There came a beggar to my door.

iv.                It was a sight of great beauty.

  • In the above sentences, the underlined words are phrases. They give some sense but this sense is not the complete one.





  • Some of the types of phrases are given her;

1)    Adjective Phrases:

  • Adjective phrase is a group of words that does the work of an Adjective, such as;

i.                    I saw a goat with a long tail.

ii.                  A man in great difficulties came to me.

iii.                He is a person with great dignity.

iv.                A man without an enemy is a man with few friends.

v.                  A stitch in time saves nine. 



2)    Adverb Phrase:

  • An adverb phrase is a group of words that does the work of an adverb, as such;

i.                    Rakia ran with a great speed.

ii.                  He answered in a rude way.

iii.                He does his work without any care.

iv.                He is coming at this time.

v.                  The arrow fell on this spot.



3)    Noun Phrase:

  • A group of words that does the work of a noun is called a noun phrase. It may be used as a subject or an object in the sentence, such as;

i.                    Early to bed is a good habit.

ii.                  He hopes to win the first prize.

iii.                We enjoy playing cricket.

iv.                Do you enjoy reading novels?

v.                  What you want does n`t concern me.



(4)  Gerund Phrase:

  •  The gerund phrase includes the gerund and the object of the gerund or any modifiers related the gerund, as such;

i.                    The students gathered the signatures for increasing the hours of the library.

ii.                  They have come here for getting their prize.

iii.                Rising early in the morning makes us healthy.

iv.                Your protesting for rise in pay will change nothing.

v.                  Walking the dog in the park is his activity.


(5) Infinitive Phrase:

  •  Infinitive phrase includes the infinitive and the object t of the infinitive of any modifiers related to the infinitive, such as;

i.                    Every cricket team has a captain to direct the players.

ii.                  He wants me to teach his brother in the evening.

iii.                I want to eat pizza for dinner.

iv.                He wants to study math in the university,

v.                  She wishes to eat a giant sandwich.  


(6)  Prepositional Phrase:

  • Prepositional phrase includes the preposition and the object of the preposition of any modifiers related to the preposition, such as;

i.                    Samara could hear her sister snoring across the room.

ii.                  Ali speaks at the same time.

iii.                Please sit down for a while.

iv.                The army is on the move.

v.                  I asked for her hand with all respect.





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