1.  Optative sentences express wish or prayer. So Reporting Verbs in such sentences are changed into ‘wish’, pray’, desire’, ‘long for’, ‘yearn for’ etc. moreover, the Optative form is changed into Assertive form with the linker that in the indirect speech.

2.      Change the Reporting Verb said into wished or prayed.

3.      Use that to introduce the Reported Speech.

4.  Change the Optative Sentence into the Assertive Sentence and replace the sign of Exclamation (!) by a full stop (.)


Direct Speech

Indirect Speech

1.   I said to him, “May you be happy.”

I wished that he might be happy.

2. Mother said to me, “May God blesses you”.

Mother prayed that God might (would) bless me.

3.  He said, “May his soul rest in peace.”

He prayed that his soul might rest in peace.

4.     The girl said, “Oh, had I the wings of a dove!”

The girl wished that she could have the wings of a dove.

5.  He said to me, “may you live long!”

He prayed that I might live long.

6.      The beggar said to me, “May God blesses you!”

The beggar prayed that God might bless me.

7.      He said to me, “May God rewards you for our kindness!”

He prayed that God might reward me for my kindness.

8.      He said, “May you succeed!”

He prayed that I might succeed.

9. He said to her, “May you get through the examination!”

He wished that she might get through the examination.

10.  My mother said, “Would that we were rich!”

My mother wished that they had been rich.

11. They said, “Would that our team had won this match!”

They wished that their team had won the match.

12.  He said, “May I catch the train!”

He wished that he might catch the train.

13.  He said to me, “May you die!”

He cursed that I might die.

14.She said, “Would that my father was alive!”

She wished that her father had been alive.

15.  He said, “May God helps me do my duty.”

He prayed that God might help him do his duty.


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