Lesson Plan of Action Words

Lesson Plan of Action Words

Subject English

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Read common naming and action words and match them with pictures.
  • Show a series of actions in a picture by writing action verbs.
  • Identify and use more common action words.

Information for Teachers

  • Action words are also called verbs, but now they are referred to as ‘action words’ as that makes their purpose clear.

Action Words

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, chart paper with different activities, flashcards, texts/other print resource


  • Model some simple actions and ask students to guess what you are doing:
      • Walking
      • Laughing
      • Crying
      • Singing
      • Jumping
      • Clapping
      • Reading
      • Speaking
      • Sitting
  • Encourage students to answer in full sentences: you are walking.
  • Don`t make any sound when you do this.
  • Make your actions exaggerated so that students may easily guess.
  • Write the words on the board as students say them.
  • Ask the students:
      • What are these words I have written on the board? (The students may answer: Action words)
  • Revise the concept of action words by asking:
      • What are action words?
  • Appreciate the students if they give the right answer. Gently correct the students if they are wrong.
  • Ask the students to write the words in their copies.


Activity 1

  • Tell the class that they will be singing a poem with you.
  • Sing the following poem aloud and ask the children to repeat after you. Sing the poem and act out the different action words.
  • Sing it to the tune that you like.
  • Remember you have to sing it, just reading it will be uninteresting
  • Ask children to stand up and do the actions with you.

Action Words

  • Ask the students: which words did we act out from the poem.
  • Ask the student to repeat the action words.
  • Ask them what are these words? (students may answer: Action Verbs or Naming Words)

Activity 2

  • Divide the class into groups. Give each group a picture (taken from a book, newspaper, or an old magazine.

Action Words

  • You can also choose a picture from the textbook. Choose a picture that shows a lot of actions happening.
  • Ask the students to use action words to discuss what is happening in the pictures.
  • Ask the students to write action words for each picture.

Activity 3

  • Divide the class into four/five groups. Give each student a set of picture flash cards showing action words and naming words (you can make picture flash cards by pasting pictures cutout from old magazines, newspaper, book etc.)
  • Give them another set of flashcards with the words (verbs and nouns shown in picture cards) written on them.
  • Ask them to match the words with the picture cards.


  • Divide the class into pairs. Give them a picture each. You can select the picture from the textbook or a storybook.

Action Words

  • Select a picture that shows some actions verbs and some nouns as well.
  • You can take a picture from a newspaper, storybook or a textbook.
  • Ask the students to put the chits of words next to the action word/ naming word.
  • Monitor and check the students work.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Encourage student to use action words by asking the following questions:
  • What do you do in the morning, afternoon, evening and night?
  • What do you do at different times of the year: Holidays, Eid Holiday, Summer Holidays, etc.?


  • Ask the students to circle the verb and underline the nouns in the following sentences:
      • All plays in the ground with his friend.
      • Shut the door.
      • Maria eats butter and jam.
      • Hamid’s teacher gives him homework.
      • Sofia is sleeping.
  • Note: the exercise is solved to help the teachers. The bold words are verbs. The words underlined are nouns.

Follow up

  • Ask the students to write five words, that they see their mother, father, brothers, sisters, teacher of friends doing.
  • Ask them to make sentences with these words them.

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