Lesson Plan of Addition (Units of Time)

Lesson Plan of Addition (Units of Time)

Subject Mathematics

Grade III

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Add units of time in hours.
  • Solve real life problems involving units of time for addition in hours.

Information for Teachers

  • Units of time are used to measure the duration between the occurrences of two events.

Addition (Units of Time)

  • The smallest unit of time is second.
  • The other units of time are minute, hour, day, week, month and year.

Addition (Units of Time)

  • 60 seconds is equal to 1 minute and 60 minute is equal to 1 hour.
  • Time unit hour can be added into hours.
  • Use of time:
  • 1 week = 7 days
  • 1 year = 12 month = about 52 weeks = 365 days.

Addition (Units of Time)

  • While teaching the lesson, also consult textbook where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, point/stick, textbook


  • Ask following questions to start discussion;
  • How much time do you spend in helping your parents? Before going to school and after school?
  • How much total time do you spend altogether in helping your parents?


Activity 1

  • Saba is a hardworking girl. She plans all her study related activities very carefully. Her plan of study for different subjects in this week is as follows:

Addition (Units of Time)Addition (Units of Time)

  • In the light of above mentioned information, ask the following questions from the students:
  • How much time she will spend on Science and Mathematics? =(6+4) hours  = 10 hours
  • How much time she will spend on Languages.

       = 3 hours + 2 hours

       = (3+2) hours

      = 5 hours

  • Ask students to explain the procedure while answering.

Activity 2

  • Divide the class in four groups.
  • Give different situations to the students.(One example is given for your reference)
  • Addition (Units of Time)
  • Salma is a working woman. She gets up early in the morning. She prepares breakfast for her family in 1 hour. She reaches her work place in next 2 hours. She works there for 4 hours till lunch time and 2 hours after lunch time which is of one hour. Then she comes back home. She takes two hours to go to office and come back. Ask the following question from the students:
  • In how much time she prepares breakfast for her family = (1 hour)
  • How much time she works before lunch at the office = (4 hours)
  • How long is the lunch time at the office = (1 hour)
  • How much time she works after lunch = (2 hours)
  • How much time she stays at the office = (4 hours + 1 hour + 2 hours) = (4+1+2) hours = 7 hours

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Arrange the hours, Minutes and seconds. It is the biggest unit of time.
  • Hours can be added into hours through simple mathematical addition.


  • Add the following hours:
      • 12 hours, 10 hours
      • 8 hours, 4 hours
      • 15 hours, 20 hours
  • Solve the following:
      • 34 hours + 40 hours
      • 23 hours + 21 hours
      • 29 hours + 65 hours

Addition (Units of Time)

Follow up

  • Read the following table carefully and find total time spent.

Addition (Units of Time)

  • Ask the students to solve the questions given in the textbook.

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