Lesson Plan of Adjectives

Lesson Plan of Adjectives

Subject English

Grade 4th

Students Learning Outcomes

  • Classify adjectives of quantity, quality, size, shape, colour and origin

Information for Teachers



Material Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, pencil, flower, ball, cap, and bag


  • Show them a ball and ask them to describe it by using different adjectives. Record the responses of the students on the board. Ask them to tell about its colour, shape, size, quality and it is made in which country) for examples China, Pakistan.


  • When they have described the ball show them a bag (your bag, any student’s bag) and ask them to describe it.
  • Blue / skin / brown / black / soft / hard / nice / attractive / made of fine material, Chinese / Pakistani, small,


  • Then ask them to describe a flower ;


  • Same activity can be repeated with other objects like comb, table, chair, flower, duster or anything easily available in the classroom.



Activity 1

  • Tell the students that adjectives are describing words which describe a noun or a pronoun. (examples)
  • Draw the following table on the board and explain different kinds of adjectives.


Quality Quantity Size Colour Shape Origin
Good Some Small White Round Chinese
Soft Many Big Black Oval American
Hard One / two Pink Cylindrical triangular Lahori
  • This table can be displayed in the class for help of the students.
  • Refer back to the activity one and tell them how they have already told about these kinds of adjectives.

Activity 2

  • Ask the students to copy the following table in their notebooks. They must work in pairs and think about any three things and fill the table with different kinds of adjectives.

The first is done as an example;

Things/Objects Quality Quantity Size Colour Shape Origin
Flag Soft One Large Green and white Rectangle Pakistani

Close up / Conclusion

  • Briefly discuss the different types of adjectives with examples.


  • Underline the adjectives in the following sentence and then use these adjective in sentences.
      1. I have a small cupboard.
      2. It is an empty bottle.
      3. I like fresh fruit/juice.
      4. My cat has blue eyes.
      5. The tiger has sharp teeth.

Answers: (small, empty, fresh, blue, and sharp)

Follow Up

  • Ask them to write five adjective about their any toy like doll, car, bat etc or any animal they like.
  • Ask the students to add adjectives in the following sentences to make them more interesting.
    • I cannot drive your _________ car.
    • She went to the store to buy __________ bread.
    • I saw a _________ bird.
    • We ate ____________ pizza.
    • I have a _________ bag.


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