Lesson Plan of Capitalization


Lesson Plan of Capitalization, Punctuation and Correct spelling in Sentences in English

Grade V

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Write sentences of their own using correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling

Information for Teachers

  • Capitalizationis done of proper nouns i.e. special names of people (Ahmad, Mr. Jawed) events (Eid-ul-Nabi) and first letter of a sentence.
  • Punctuation:  comma, apostrophes, exclamation marks, full stop/period, and question mark.


Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, textbook, duster, a sample picture (use any suitable picture from a newspaper or textbook. The picture should be clear with some people doing different actions.)


  • Ask the students what they were doing when you came into the class.
  • Call them to write on the writing board in the form of complete sentences.
  • Revise capitalization and punctuation rules and spellings with all of them to make corrections on the writing board (take help from information for Teachers.)


Activity 1

  • Show the pictures (suggested in Material / Resources required) to the students. You can also draw it on a chart and paste in in the class.
  • Ask the students to tell what is going on (actions) in the picture and write the action words. (Board and copy work)
  • Check the spellings with the students.
  • Tell the students to think of at least five peoples/animals in the picture and give name to each person/animal. (Board and copy work)
  • Now ask them to write sentences in the notebook about the picture using the action words and names from the board.
  • Move in the class to guide and check the students work.

Activity 2

  • Ask the students to draw a picture of 2 boys playing basketball (in the notebook). While they draw in their notebook, teacher will write the following paragraph on the writing board with the question, as;
  1.  Q. How many mistakes can you find?
  2. Q. There are how many boys in this picture?

On Sunday, Naved went over to hamid`s house to played a game od one-on-one. Naved mad six baskets but hamid made eight. Hamid was the winner. After the game both boyes went inside to have sum foode and watch television.

  • Ask them to copy the question and the paragraph from the board (copy work).
  • Now ask the students to raise hands if they want to correct mistakes. Keep calling the students until they correct all the mistakes on the writing board.
  • Now ask the students to copy the correct paragraph from the writing and underline the corrections.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask about the importance of correct spellings, punctuation and capitalization.
  • Ask the punctuation and capitalization rules.


  • Choose a story from class 5 English syllabus that students have already learnt. Write the story on the writing board with spelling, capitalization and punctuation mistakes. Ask them to rewrite the story with correction.
  •  Find exercises related to the topic in the textbook. Students must do the exercise in the notebooks or on the textbooks.

Follow up

  • (Pair work) Ask all the students to choose a small paragraph from the textbook (5 to 6 lines). Then write the paragraph on a piece of paper with a few spelling, punctuation and capitalization mistakes.
  • After this ask them to exchange the paper with the partner to find mistakes and to do corrections. They can give marks for the corrections to each other. Ask them to paste the checked paper in their notebooks. Teacher should recheck their work.




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