Lesson Plan of Common and Proper Nouns English Grade 3

Lesson Plan of Common and Proper Nouns

                                                                  Students’ Learning outcomes

·        Recognize general naming words as common nouns and particular naming words as proper nouns.


·         Classify nouns as common and proper nouns (names of people, pets, places, holidays, etc.)


                             Information for Teachers


·         Nouns name people, places, and things.


·         Nouns can further be classified as common nouns and proper nouns.


·         The name of a common person, place or thing is called common noun. Common means, shared by all.


        For example: girl is the name of common ( shared by all) for all the girls of the world.


·         Common nouns do not begin with a capital letter unless they begin a sentence.


        For example: country, chair, girl, boy, school, burger, city, etc.


·         Proper nouns are the specific names of people, places, and things.


·         They begin with the capital letter.


        For example: Pakistan, Ali, Govt. High School, Lahore and Minar- e – Pakistan, etc.


                                         Material / Resources


            Chalks/markers, board, textbook and worksheets for all students 9if photocopy facility is not       available, write the sentences on the board)


           Activity 1


·         Ask the students the definition and example of nouns.


·         Make this chart on the board and ask any 2 or 3 students at random to give details.


Examples are given to aid the students:


Common nouns
Proper nouns
·         City
·         lahore
·         Tell the names of boys/men living there
·         Aslam/Ali/Ahmed
·         Tell the names of girls/women there
·         Faiza/Aneela/Alia


·         Ask the students to tell about all the things, people and places common nouns or proper nouns.





 Activity 2

·         Ask the students to choose a noun to write with each picture.


·         Then ask them to write ‘C’ for common noun and ‘P’ for proper noun in the given boxes.


·         National Park, Sana, Book, Badshahi Mosque, Table.




            National park

                Badshahi Mosque




 Activity 2


·        Divide  the students into pairs, give each pair a worksheet( worksheet is given at the end of lesson plan).


·         Tell the students that they have to underline the common noun in each sentence.


·         Monitor pairs to make sure that each student is participating. Help the students where necessary.


      Sum Up/ Conclusion


·         Conclude the lesson by telling the difference between common and proper noun.




·         Assess students’ understanding of common nouns through their performance on the worksheet.


·         Check the list students make in the follow up activity  to assess their understanding of common nouns from the extended environment.


                                                Follow Up


·         Asl students to make a list of 10 common nouns and proper nouns that can be found in the market nearest to their homes (cloths jewellery, chocolates, shoes etc.


                                 Common and Proper nouns






  Underline common and proper noun in each sentence


 1: This is a school.                      2. This is a car.                   3. Go to the doctor.


 4. I live in Bahawal Pur.             5. Its name is Mickey.      6. I want to eat ice Cream.


7. Mr. Aslam is very kind.           8. I have to two pencils.





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