Lesson Plan of Diseases of Respiratory System

Lesson Plan of Common Diseases of Respiratory System

General Science Grade VII

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Identify the common diseases of respiratory system and discuss their causes and preventive measures.

Information for Teachers

·         Any disorder in the respiratory tract results in complications which ultimately lead to diseases of respiratory tract.
Common Diseases of Respiratory System
·         Common cold, influenza or flu- this is characterized by sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, sometimes fever, headache and body pains may be felt by person sick influenza.

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Petroleum jelly, paper, drawing board

Worm up activity

·         Ask the students have they ever experienced any respiratory disease for example, coughing, flue or suffocation.
·         Ask the students to make a list of diseases of respiratory system they know.
·         After the students’ response introduce the today’s topic.


Activity 1

·         Enlist the different diseases on the board mentioned by the students then add or delete the names of the diseases as the case may be.
·         Make groups of the students and allot one disease to each group.
·         Ask each group to discuss what they know about the diseases shown in the list.
·         Ask the students to talk about symptoms, causes, and preventive measures of disease.
·         After the given time, ask them to present the working material in front of the class and encourage.
·         Encourage the healthy discussion.
·         Add or correct the knowledge of the students.
·         Draw a table on the board and fill it
Preventive measures

Activity 2

·         Divide the students into groups and instruct them for the following activity.
·         Ask the student to take two clean white papers and apply the petroleum jelly on them.
·         Ask them to fix one paper on the drawing board and put this paper outside of the classroom.
·         Ask them to place the other paper inside the class for few days.
·         After 2 or 3 days ask the students to compare both papers and note down the change.
·         Ask the students which paper is looking dirtier.
o   What this activity shows?
o   How you can correlate this activity with the problems caused in respiratory tract.
·         Inform the students that the respiratory tract has a similar sticky material like petroleum jelly that can trap the dust particles, smoke and different allergens. These particles can cause the inflammation and infection.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Conclude the lesson with the help of students as: diseases in respiratory system occur due to unhealthy air having virus, bacteria, smoke and other pollutants.
·         Some of these common diseases are asthma, sinusitis, lung cancer, bronchitis, influenza etc.


·         Ask the following questions to assess the understanding of the students.
o   What healthy habits can keep us away from respiratory diseases?
o   Why do people with asthma use an inhaler?
o   What happens if your lungs get damaged?
o   What are the consequences of lung cancer?

Follow up

·         Discuss the trend of “Removal of Carpets” from living areas and ask them to discuss it with the class fellows.
·         Ask the students to use the resources, library, magazines or internet at home.
·         Ask the students to collect the different pictures showing the respiratory disorders from the newspaper or any journal and paste it on their notebooks.
·         Guide the students to solve the exercise problems given at the end of each unit/chapter of textbook.

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