Lesson Plan of Comprehension Questions

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the function of different question words to write short answer

Information for Teachers

  • Questions help us in getting information.
  • ‘Wh’ question words (what, who, whose, where, which, when and why) are used to ask questions.
  • Short answers are given ‘Wh’ questions.
  • Students should be encouraged to make questions and also to write short answers to them.
  • During teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use the textbook where required.


Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook, word flashcards of different ‘Wh’ questions words, Or the teacher can draw on the board


  • Ask the students where they have to use the ‘Wh’ words, for example, if their friend is absent, what will you ask him/her the next day?
  • Paste the chart of ‘Wh’ question words on the side of the writing board.
  • Ask the students what these words are used for.
  • Encourage them to give examples as well.
  • Make corrections if a student makes any mistake.

Activity 1

  • Write the following sentences on the writing board and ask the students to make questions by adding the correct question word.
  • Involve most of the students in the activity;
    1. _____________is absent today?
    2. _____________do you reach the school in the morning?
    3. _____________is your teacher`s name?
    4. _____________books are on the table?
    5. _____________do we wear sweaters in winter?
    6. _____________are my shirts and shoes?
  • Explain the use of each question word and make corrections on the spot so that the students know the correct function of each question word.

Activity 2

  • Ask the students to read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end.
  • Monitor and help the students while reading;
  • Mt name is Mohsen Ali.
  • I come from Pakistan.
  • I live in Bahawalpur.
  • I have five brothers and one sister.
  • I am the oldest.
  • I go to school Monday to Friday.
  • I come home at 4 pm, eat dinner at 8 pm, and go to bed at 10 pm.
  • I walk to school.
  • It is very hot, so I wear a hat.
  • At the weekend, I help my father in the shop.
  • Now the answer are required from the above passage;
  • What is his name?


  • Where does he come from?


  • Where does he live?


  • How many brothers have he?


  • How many sisters have he?


  • Who is the eldest brother?


    • How does he go to school?


  • When does he go to bed?


  • Why does he wear a hat?


Sum up / Conclusion
  • Repeat for the students that ‘Wh’ questions words are used to ask questions and these questions have short answers.
  • Ask one or two students to tell the function of ‘where’, ‘who’ and ‘whose’ by giving examples.
  • Once the students are done with the activity asks them to tell the answers.
  • Write the correct answers on the writing board and ask the students to correct their work side by side.
  • Appreciate the students on the correct answers.
Follow up
  • Ask the students to write answer to the following questions in your notebooks:
  1. Why are you late for school?
  2. When do you clean your room?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Who is your best friend?
  5. Whose country is Pakistan?
  6. Which is the largest5 city of Punjab?
  7. What does your father do?

Answer key of Activity 1

          1. Who
          2. When
          3. What
          4. Which
          5. Why
          6. Where

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