Lesson Plan of Describing Words /Adjectives

Lesson Plan of Describing Words /Adjectives

Subject English

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and match some pairs of describing words showing quality, size, and colour e.g. soft-hard, big-small, black-white.
  • First trace the word then copy and take dictation of familiar words learnt in class.

Information for teachers

  • Describing words or ‘adjectives’ are used to describe nouns (person, place or thing)
  • Try to relate words with simple day to day surroundings and explain meaning of each word with examples and use one adjective to describe different nouns. This will help develop their vocabulary e.g. soft-pillow, hard-shirt/feather, etc.

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  • While teaching the lesson, consult textbook at all steps where and when applicable.
  • Teaching opposites also strengthens understanding e.g. hard/soft, dry/wet, tall or long/short.
  • Students have already practiced colour names in earlier lessons.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, flashcards, objects that are of interest to children such as plastic animals, cars and other toys, real or plastic flowers, fruits, vegetables


  • Choose a noun that you think would interest your students. It can be any animal, bird or even eatable. For example write the word ‘Elephant’ on the board or paste its picture.
  • Ask the students to describe the picture in one word. Every idea is acceptable.
  • They give you words such as big, grey, big ears, small eyes, short tail, and long trunk.
  • Tell the students that whatever words they have used to describe the elephant are describing words.


Activity 1

  • Paste/draw the pictures of other nouns such as table, pencil, apple, flower, etc. you can also make the activity more interesting by bringing real objects to class (such as flower, apple, pencil, stone, leaf, etc.
  • In groups: encourage students to use different describing words to describe the colour, size, shape, and quality etc. of the objects/pictures.


  • Write the describing words on one side of the board and nouns on the other side.
  • Ask the students to join describing words with the nouns, as a whole class activity.
  • They can use more than one adjective to describe one thing e.g. two, soft hands or hard black table.

Describing Words/ Adjectives

Activity 2

  • Select some pictures from textbook/picture dictionary/newspaper and assign it to different students in groups. Tell them to describe the picture using 3-5 describing words.
  • Take the oral feedback from the students.

Describing Words/ Adjectives

Activity 3

  • Write the given words on the board and ask the students to match the opposite adjectives.

Describing Words/ Adjectives

  • You can add other words keeping in mind the level of your class.

Activity 4

  • After practicing opposites, distribute flashcards of different opposite adjectives and ask the students to find their pair e.g. say ‘ugly’. The student with ‘beautiful’ flashcard will come and stand next to him/her.

Activity 5

  • Tell the students to write about their favourite cartoon character/pet/birthday gift and add 3-5 words to describe it. Ask them to paste the picture of the cartoon/pet/gift as well, if possible.

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Prepare different chit papers before going in the class.
  • Write names of different objects on it considering level of your students; such as bag, car, desk, table, wall, pencil box, pens and leaf.
  • Ask the students to describe it by giving any two things such as its quality, size, or colour.


  • Write the following scrambled words on board and give opposites of each word in brackets. Now ask students to write their correct spelling.

Describing Words/ AdjectivesDescribing Words/ Adjectives

Follow up

  • Tell the students to make a list of the things that they ate the previous day. Tell them to describe them in detail answering the following questions:
      • What did you eat?
      • What colour was your food?
      • What did it taste like? Good or bad?
      • Was it salty, sour, sweet or bitter?
  • Paste different adjectives in the classroom showing size, colour, shape, quality, etc.
  • Ask the students to bring the pictures related to those from old newspapers, magazines, leaflets and textbooks.
  • They can even draw the pictures to make an ‘Opposite Book’. Img


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