Lesson plan of Dictation of Words


                   Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Copy and take dictation of familiar words studied in cl

                                            Information for Teacher

·         When giving dictation make sure that the word list is from what has been taught earlier.


·         The words whose spelling  create confusion for the students should be selected for dictation.


·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the text book where it is required.

                                                                   Material / Resources


                                       Attached worksheet, a pair of scissors, glue, old newspapers or chart, scotch tape,                             


                                      Board, chalks/ markers, charts, textbook, etc.


Close the books
Touch your nose
Touch your hand
Sit down
Turn round
Clap your hands



                                      Activity 1

·         Divide the class into groups for preparation of dictation.


·         Give the students a short paragraph from the textbook/ story book.


·         Ask them to read and underline the words whose spelling are difficult to remember.


·         Ask them to share these words with their group members and tell the reason of difficulty.


·         Give time to students to learn the spellings of difficult words.


·         Dictate them any 5 words from the same text.


·         Then ask one member of each group to check the dictation of other members of the group and correct the spelling.

                                Activity 2

·         Take dictation of 5 words learnt in class today or read from the textbook.


·         Do this exercise every week to improve spelling of the students.

                                                      Sum Up / Conclusion

·         Ask the students what they have learned from the lesson.


·         Give dictation of the words from the exercise in the textbook.

                                                            Follow Up

·         Dictate question and answer, then write on the board so the students check their work.


·         Ask students to find out five verbs from their books  with ‘s’ and ‘es’ forms and write in their copies and use them in the sentences of their own.


·         Students must add all the words learnt today in their “ My Word Book”

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