Digraph /Trigraphs

      Students ‘Learning Outcomes

·        Articulate and identify words containing digraphs and trigraphs in initial, middle and final position.

                  Information for Teachers

·         This lesson will focus on trigraphs in initial, middle and final position.
·         Trigraphs i. e. a chain of three letters that are used together and make one sound e. g. ‘an’ in paint, faint, etc.


·         As students become familiar with the word strings, they will learn to spell and pronounce.
·         Digraphs and trigraphs represent 2- letters, 3 letters that produce one sound. Blends produce joined sound, but we can still hear each sound inside the blend.
·         They help us to identify the combined or blended sound we need to spell and read correctly.
·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where applicable.


       Material / Resources
Pictures / flashcards trigraphs words. Colored chalks/markers to high light the digraphs/trigraphs in words written on board,




  Worm Up activity

·         Write down the following words on the board.
Phone,   fish,    fight,   three, shell
·         Ask them to find out the letters that are friends and having a same sound in the word.
·         After taking their feedback under line  these letters.
·         After that, ask them to tell what do we call letters having the same sound in the same word.
·         Tell them briefly about trigraphs (as refer in information for teachers).
·         Ask them to add more words in the given trigraphs.
·         Check their pronunciation and spelling.

Activity 1

·          Write the following trigraphs on the board in the columns.
·         Now ask students to think of words that have a particular trigraph ‘dge’.
·         Repeat this activity with other trigraphs as well.
·         After that, discuss the position of each trigraph in the given words on the board.
·         Ask them to sort out trigraph in initial, middle, and final posiyion in the given words.
·         Hold a competition by dividing the class in two groups.
·         Ask the students to suggest three words that would go under the headings in each of the columns on the board.
·         Let the groups take turns, scoring one point for each correct answer.
·         The team that gives more correct answers will be the winner.
·         Students must copy the complete table of words in their notebooks.

Activity 2

·         Now keep already prepared flash cards of words containing trigraphs in initial, middle, and final positions, in a basket.
·         Ask one student to pick up a card and read his/her word aloud.
·         Rest of the class will recognize the trigraph and its position in the word.
·         Give chance to different students to take part in this activity.
·         Choose a paragraph from the textbook.
·         Ask the students to point out two digraphs and two trigraphs in the paragraph.
·         Continue to point out digraphs and trigraphs to students when such words come up in other subjects to.
·         Involve the students in solving problems given in exercise at the end of unit/chapter.
                                      Follow Up
·         Ask students to use the digraphs ( 2 letters) and trigraphs ( 3 letters) to write ten words and draw pictures of them.



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