Deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA)

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Describe the relationship between DNA, Gene and Chromosome.
·         Explain How DNA is copied and made.

Information for Teachers

·         Deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA): the chemical, existing at the center of the cells of living things, that reins the structure and purpose of each cell and transports genetic information during reproduction
·         Chromosomes are small thread like structure found in the nucleus of the cell which controls the characteristics of living organisms.
·         DNA is called the hereditary material because it is capable of self-replication and is transferred from one generation to another.
·         Genes are the unit of inheritance and these are the short lengths of DNA in chromosomes.
·         A unit of heredity that is shifted from a parent to children and is held to regulate some characteristic of the children.

Concept Map

Material / Resources

A chart or model showing DNA, Gene and Chromosomes, A chart showing the process of replication of DNA

Worm up activity

·         Ask following questions to the students:
o   What is inheritance?
(Expected response: Passage of traits from one generation to the other)
o   What is called as the genetic material?
(Expected response: DNA)
o   Genes are made of?
(Expected response: DNA)
o   Where the genes are located?
(Expected response: On Chromosomes)
·         After the students response introduce the today’s topic to the class.


Activity 1

·         Show chart or model to the students and explain them the relationship among.

Activity 2

·         Explain the process of replication of DNA to the students with the help of a chart.
                                                        Replication of DNA

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Summarize the lesson as; chromosomes are thin thread like structures present in the nucleus of the cell. Chromosomes are made of DNA. 
·         Genes are the unit of inheritance which transfers characters to the next generation.
·         DNA is capable of self-replication.


·         Ask the following questions to assess the understanding of the students:
o   How the Genes and DNA are interlinked?
o   Where the chromosomes are located inside the cells?
o   Which information is stored in the genes?
o   What is meant by replication?
o   In DNA replication, what happens to the original DNA strands?

Follow up

·         Ask the students to build DNA model by using cut outs of card board paper of different colors, and display the model in the class.

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