Lesson Plan of Electricity and Magnetism

Lesson Plan of Electricity and Magnetism

Subject General Science

Grade 3rd

Students` learning Outcomes

  • Make a simple electric circuit.
  • Distinguish between open and close electric circuit.

Information for Teachers

When a battery cell, bulb and switch are connected with the help of wires, electric current starts flowing through them so such a connection of different devices is called   ELECTRIC CIRCUIT.

Electricity and Magnetism

  • The circuit is open when the switch is OFF.
  • The circuit is close when the switch is ON.

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, Battery cell, Connecting wires, Torch bulb with holder, Switch, sheet of white paper


    • Ask what do we do when it gets dark?
    • How do we turn on a bulb?
    • What happens when we press the switch on?

Electricity and Magnetism

Inform the students that while entering in the home at night, we press a switch and the whole room is lighted. While going out we turn the switch OFF.

  • What makes the bulb light up? When turning the switch ON, do we start using electricity?
  • Do we also use electricity when we turn off the switch? (No)
  • Do you know what an electric circuit is?

Let us perform the following activity to find out about it.

Electricity and Magnetism


Activity: 1

Give each group a set of materials [Battery cell, connecting wires, switch and bulb].

Electricity and Magnetism

Ask them to light the bulb by constructing a circuit with the material provided.

Guide the students if they feel any difficulty.

Ask the students to close the switch.

  • Does the bulb glow?
  • What passes through the wires to make the bulb glow?

Ask the students to open the switch.

  • What happens to the bulb?
  • Ask, why does the bulb not glow when the switch is open?

Now draw a diagram of electric circuit on the board.

Ask some questions to make the concept of students clear.

    • What made the bulb glow?
    • What is the use of battery? [Battery make the bulb glow].
    • What is a close circuit?
    • What is an open circuit?
    • Does the current flow when the circuit is open?
    • Does the current flow when the circuit is closed?

Close up / Sum up

Electricity and Magnetism


Make a chart or write down on blackboard for the following questions. Display it on the wall at the end of lesson and will ask the questions verbally.

Electricity and Magnetism

    • When does a current flow in the circuit?
    • What is the basic requirement for the flow of current in the circuit?
    • Why does the bulb not glow when the switch is open?
    • Does the current flow in the circuit if the switch is open?
    • What is the use of the battery?
    • What is the function of the connecting wire in the circuit?

Follow up

  • Prepare a list of electric appliances used in your home.

Electricity and Magnetism

  • In which states are their circuits open or close?



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