Lesson Plan of Electricity

Lesson Plan of Generating Electricity

General Science Grade VIII

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Design an experiment to generate electricity.
·         Explain the working of the model generator.

Information for Teachers

·         Electricity generation is the process of generating electrical energy from other forms of energy.
·         We need electricity in our daily life.
·         We don’t find electricity just lying around ready for us to use. We have to generate it.
Generating Electricity
·         Dynamo converts the mechanical; energy into electrical energy.
·         Electrify is generated by using the energy from different sources i.e. fuels, coal, wind, hydro-electricity, solar, nuclear, Thermal power, tidal power,
Generating Electricity
·         Hydro-electric power stations generate electricity using water trapped behind the dams.

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Dynamo, connecting wire, bulb, switch, hand pulley, wooden board, string, and bicycle fitted with dynamo

Worm up activity

·         Show the picture of a dam to the students and ask them:
Ø  What is happening in the picture?
Ø  What is the function of turbine?
·         Show the picture of a power station and ask the following questions:
Ø  Where does the electrical energy come to our houses?
(Expected response: From power station)
Ø  We use generators at our homes. What is its function?
               (Expected response: Produce Electricity)
Ø  What is dynamo?
(Expected response: Dynamo converts mechanical energy into electrical energy)


Activity 1

·         Set the following apparatus according to the following diagram.
(Dynamo, connecting wire, bulb, switch, hand pulley, wooden board, string)
·         Demonstrate the working of this model electricity generator.
·         Ask different students to rotate the pulley and observe its effect on the bulb.
·         When pulley will be rotated, string attached to it will rotate the dynamo.3this in turn will make the bulb glowing.
·         Faster the pulley is rotated; more light will be produced by the bulb.
·         This experiment shows that potential energy provided by the hand is used to rotate pulley and dynamo converts this energy into electrical energy

Activity 2

·         Bring a bicycle fitted with dynamo in the class.
·         Ask a student to move the paddle of bicycle in order to move the wheel. As the dynamo is connected with the tire so it will also rotate.
·         The bulb connected with the dynamo will provide light.
·         Faster the wheel of the bicycle is moved; brighter will be the light of the bulb.
·         This indicates that the potential energy stored in human body is used to move the wheel, which turns the dynamo and electricity is produced.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Show the picture of a dam or hydro-electrical power station to the students and conclude the lesson by telling the students that model generator generate electricity by using other forms of energy.
A schematic view of a hydro-power plant


·         As the following questions to assess the students:
      Q1. How can we produce electricity on a large scale?
             (Expected response: By using the energy from other sources).
       Q2. Name the different energy sources we need to generate electricity.
              (Expected response:  Fuels, hydro-electricity, wind etc
        Q3. In a generator, what is the function of dynamo?
              (Expected response: To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy).

Follow up

·         To produce electrical energy, generators are being used at houses, hospitals, offices etc. as alternate to national supply of electricity.
·         Renewable sources as solar energy and wind energy are also being used to produce electrical energy at cheaper rates.
·         General awareness to conserve the electrical energy should be created in students in order to overcome the electrical energy crises in our country.
·         Lights and electrical appliances should be switched off when not in use.

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