Lesson Plan of Genetic Modifications

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Define bacterium.
·         Explain how genes are introduced into a bacterium.

Information for Teachers

·         Bacterium is a unicellular microorganism which contains a circular extra chromosomal region, known as plasma.
Genetic Modifications
·         Plasma is used as vector, (can carry foreign gene) in genetic engineering.
·         Replication time of plasma is very short. so, it

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Board, chalk/marker, chart, colored cards, scissors, white sheets, gum

Worm up activity

·         Ask the following questions to the students:
o   Are the bacteria unicellular or multi cellular?
o   Do the bacteria contain chromosome?
·         Now introduce the students about today’s topic “Process of genetic engineering”.


Activity 1

·         Draw the diagram of a bacterium with the help of diagram.
·         Explain the structure of a bacterium with the help of diagram.

Activity 2

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Tell the students that we have learns that bacterium is a uni color microorganism and contains extra chromosomal region which can carry foreign gene. This extra chromosomal region is known as plasma. It replicates very fast. Plasma is used as vector.


·         Arrange the required material.
·         Divide the class into groups.
·         Tell the students that each of the two different colored cards represent bacterial plasma and DNA (gene) respectively.
·         Ask the students to prepare:
o   A ring- like structure from a card which represents a plasma.
o   Cut a half inch card from the ring making an opening.
o   Take a piece of the other card of same size of ring opening, and paste this piece on ring with the help of gum.
o   Paste the ring on piece of white paper.
·         Now ask following question from the students.
What does it represent?
Correct / Expected response
   Small piece of card
     D N A (gene)
   Cutting enzyme
     Joining enzyme

Follow up

·         Draw the following worksheet on the board.
·         Ask the students to copy on their notebooks and complete it.
·         Expected response is as follow:
1.       Bacterium
2.       Cutting Enzyme
3.       Plasma
4.       Plasma
5.       Inserted gene
6.       Carrier
7.       Divides
8.       Produced
9.       Genetic engineering
·         A man was diagnosed diabetes. Doctors recommended him insulin daily. He has two options to get insulin, one from pig and other from bacteria through genetic engineering.


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