Good Paragraphs


Lesson Plan of Good Paragraphs

Subject English

 Grade VI, VII, VIII


Student Learning Outcomes:

1.      Show relationship between sentences in a paragraph, and between paragraphs.

2.      Analyze paragraphs to identify sentences that support the main idea through examples.

Information for Teachers:

A paragraph has a main sentence, supporting sentence and then its closing sentence.

Topic sentence:The operating idea indicates the direction in which the paragraph will be taken. The sentence that expresses the main idea of ​​the paragraph in which it is included is called the topic sentence.

Supporting Details:

Supporting details:A paragraph contains facts, statements; examples of specific information that help us fully understand the main idea. Clarify, explain, explain, explain, develop and give examples of key ideas and support the details.

Main Idea: The main idea is a complete sentence; it covers the topic and what the author wants to convey about it. It is typically the first sentence in the paragraph. Then the author uses another paragraph to support the main idea.

Closing Sentence: This sentence creates a clear and concise image in paragraph

While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use textbook at all steps where and when applicable.

Material / Resources

Writing Board, chalk / marker, duster, textbook, chart of a ‘mind map of paragraph’ for the activity as a reference


Activity 1

Provide a paragraph to the students. (You can select paragraph from course book)

Show relationship among thee sentences of the paragraph. (All the  main parts of the paragraph.)

Activity 2

Select an essay from four course book.

Ask the students to find the relationship among the different paragraphs of the essay. (The paragraphs are organized around main topic, so it will be relationship among them.)

Activity 3

Brain storm (ask for ideas from students) about the topic, supporting and closing sentence ‘My Best teacher’.

Write the ideas of the students on the writing board with the help of the students.

Keep sample chart of mind map for your reference.

Collect all ideas on board according to the chart. Do this for almost 10 minutes.

Ask the students to write three paragraphs on the given topic.

Discuss and tell the students that topic for paragraph one is teacher name, age, personality. For paragraph 2 is teacher`s interest, hobby and moral status. Topic sentence for paragraph 3 is their likes and dislikes about teacher`s performance.

Give clear instructions to students. Remind them about the main parts of the paragraphs, use common nouns, proper nouns, adjectives and punctuation marks for making meaningful paragraphs.

Ask the students to tell how the sentences within the paragraph have relationship. (for answer, see information for teachers)

Sum up / Conclusion

Ask the students to tell what is paragraph? And how it is organized?

Ask the students to come forward and read their allotted paragraph to the class.

Display the paragraph at a prominent place, under the heading ‘Young Writers of the class’.

Find the exercise related to the good paragraphs and its topic and supporting sentences.

Students must do this exercise in their notebooks or on textbooks sheets.


Assess the students through their responses and written work.

Ask the students to write 3 paragraphs on “My Best teacher” using the same paragraph structure as given for “My Best teacher”. This could be marked as an assessment.

Follow up

Write three paragraphs about their own likes and dislikes using, nouns, verbs, conjunctions and adjectives.

My Best teacher

Introduction Paragraph: as; name, at where live?

Name of school, as; at where he is doing job.

Paragraph 2: as; description of personality.

Interest’s; like and dislikes.

Paragraph 3: what is your opinion about the teacher.









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