Lesson Plan of Greeting Cards

Lesson Plan of Greeting Cards

Subject English

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Make/write simple greeting cards.
  • Draw illustrations to make greeting cards.
  • Write names of addressee and sender.
  • Write appropriate words and formulaic expressions.

Information for Teachers

  • Before conducting the lesson instruct the students to bring chart papers, colour pencils, crayons or whatever material is available, e.g. bottle tops wrappers, beads, ribbon, wool, etc. to decorate cards.
  • Greeting cards are given to wish people on different occasions.
  • Making greeting cards can be a fun way to teach students some new vocabulary as well as learn new expressions in English.

Greeting Cards

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, chart paper in light colors on which writing will show clearly, crayons for coloring and drawing, 3-4 sample greeting cards, kite paper, scrap materials, for example; bottle caps, chart paper/coloured paper, ribbon, pieces of wool, beads and sequins


  • Show the students a greeting card and ask them “what is this?” you can show them a picture of the greeting card).

Greeting Cards

  • The students may answer: “Card, greeting card, Eid card, birthday card.”
  • Tell the students that it is a greeting card. Ask them why greeting cards are given.
  • The students may answer: to wish each other on important occasions such as Eid, birthday, Christmas and other important holidays.
  • Divide the class into four to five groups. Ask students to discuss the following:
  • The name of three holidays in our country.
  • Do people send greeting cards on these holidays in our country?
  • Each group will share their ideas with the whole class.

Greeting Cards


Activity 1

  • Tell the class that people send greeting cards to each other to send wishes on important events like birthdays, holidays, and special days/seasons and to keep in touch with each other. Write the following points on the board and ask the students to give examples of each (some examples are written in brackets for teachers ‘help):

Greeting Cards

      1. Holidays are special occasions (Eid, independence day, Christmas, Eid-Mila-dun Nabi, Birthday)
      2. Special days (mother`s day, Father`s day, Grandparents day, Friendship day)
      3. Seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn)
      4. Staying in touch (Miss you, Get-well Soon, Good Luck).
  • Give students the formulaic/general expressions for the above mentioned examples.

For Example:

      1. Eid: Eid Mubarak/ Happy Eid / wishing you a happy Eid.
      2. Birthday: Happy birthday, May you have many more / Happy birthday to you!
      3. Christmas: Merry Christmas/ Happy Christmas
      4. Seasons: Happy Winter/Summer/Spring
      5. Special Days/Occasions: Happy Mother`s Day/Happy Father`s Day/Happy Independence Day/Happy Friendship Day, Get Well Soon.
  • Point out that special occasion names are written with first letter capital.

Activity 2

  • Ask students: What is written outside a greeting card? The student might answer: “we write Eid Mubarak, Thank you, Happy Birthday, etc.”
  • Show them sample cards and then ask:
  • What is written inside the greeting cards? (the students might answer: name of the person we are sending the card to, the occasion on which we are sending the card and the name of the person who sends the card.
  • Appreciate them if they give the correct answer.
  • Gently correct them if they give the wrong answer.
  • Write the format of writing greeting cards on the board:

Greeting Cards

  • You can make the activity more interesting by dividing the class into groups and giving each group a sample greeting card with messages written inside it so that they can see how cards are written.

Greeting Cards

Activity 3

  • Divide the class in groups of five.
  • Tell them that they will be making cards in class.
  • Give each group a topic for example: birthday, Eid, Mother`s day etc.
  • Give a piece of chart paper, cut and folded like a small greeting card to each group.
  • Now ask each group to make a greeting card on the topic/event they have been given.
  • Ask them to write the name of the person whom they are sending the card at the top of the page on left side.
  • Ask them to write the wish in the middle and their names at the end.
  • Ask them to decorate it or make illustrations/pictures on the card.
  • Provide them scrap materials (as written in ‘materials required’) and colour pencils/crayons.
  • When they finish their work ask each group to read their greeting cards for the whole class and also show it to them.
  • Display the cards in the class.

Greeting Cards

Sum up / Conclusion

  • Ask the students:
      1. Why do we send greeting cards?
      2. Name any two occasions on which we send greeting cards.
      3. Remind them to capitalize names of sender and addresses

Greeting Cards


  • Assess the students on their written work / greeting cards that they have made in activity 3.

Greeting Cards

Follow up

  • Ask each student to make a card for his/her friend from home.
  • Repeat the activity of making cards for special occasions/holiday or special days throughout the year.

Greeting Cards

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