Lesson Plan of Group of Animals

Lesson Plan of Group of Animals

General Science

Grade IV

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the animals
  • Differentiate the animals on the basis of their eating habits.
  • Define the Herbivore, Carnivores and Omnivores animals

Information for Teachers

Groups of animals:

  • There are two groups of animals.
    1. Animals with backbones

Animals with backbones

2. Animals without backbones

Animals with backbones

  • Where the honey bees collect honey from?
    • It collects honey from flowers.
  • Difference between animals basis of their eating habits.
    1. Herbivores
    2. Carnivores
    3. Omnivores
  • Herbivores:
    • Food of most of the animals is grass, plants and leaves of tree. Such animals are called herbivores.

Herbivore`s animals

  • Carnivores:
    • Some animals eat flesh of other animals, such animals are called Carnivores.

Carnivore`s animals

  • Omnivores:
    • Many animals eat all types of food, such as meat and vegetables, so such animals are called Omnivores.

Omnivore`s animals

 Material / Resources

               Writing board, chalk / marker, duster, photographs, charts


  • Ask the students about animals
  • Write their responses on the writing board
  • Ask the students about animals on bases of their eating habits.
  • Correct the students where required.


Activity 1

  • Show some photographs to the students and ask them to identify the Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores animals.

Groups of animals on bases of eating habits


  • Give the students following questions and ask them to tell the answer individually.
    • Define the Herbivores animals.
    • Define the Carnivores animals.
    • Define the Omnivores animals

Follow up

  • Ask the students to write in 4-5 lines on the daily topics.














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