lesson plan of Introducing Yourself and others


    Students, learning Outcomes

·         Demonstrate convention and dynamics of group oral interaction to:
·          Introduce yourself and others,
                                                          Engage in conversation,
                                                         Take turns,
                                                         Use polite expressions to seek attention.

                                         Information for Teachers

·         The students should be told about the use and importance of taking turns in conversations  and using polite expressions to seek the attention of the person you are talking to.
·         The use of facial expression makes the conversation lively.
·         Address is the person whom you are talking to.
·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where required.

                                     Material/ Required

Chalk, Marker, Board, Textbook, Duster etc.


        Activity no. 1

·         Divide the class in pairs.
·         Ask each of them to talk politely with the partner.
·         Ask them to take turns while answering and questioning each other.
·         Ask each student to tell the class about their partner in detail.
·         Encourage the students at all times and appreciate them. Monitor this activity very closely.

      Activity no. 2

·         Ask the students to work in groups( of four or six students)
·         Ask them to collect some information about each other that will be used to introduce each other to the larger group. This information can be:
Where do you live ?——-
What is your favourite  cartoon ?—–
So the introduction will sound like this:
This is my friend Sadia.
She lives in Bahawal Pur.
Her favourite cartoon is Ben ten.
·         Ask them to to choose their presenter who will present after writing the introduction.                                                           * Ask them to write 3-5 sentences to introduce themselves and their fellow students
·         Ask the group presenters to present it in front of class.

                               Sum up / Conclusion
·         Tell the students that today they have learnt how to to introduce themselves, others and how to seek the attention of the people while using polite expressions.
·         Brainstorm with the students about where and when these skills can be used by them.
·         Ask any of three students from your class to introduce themselves and the students sitting with them.
·       Involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter.
                                             Follow up
·         Ask the students to practice whatever they did in the class.
·         Tell them that they will be doing the same in the next class.
·         Do it with 3 different students daily for their practice.


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