Introduction of Human Lungs

Lesson Plan of Introduction of Human Body (Lungs)

General Science Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Identify major parts (Lungs) of human body.
·         State functions of major parts (Lungs) of the body.

Information for Teachers

·         Lungs work for breathing i.e. taking air in and out. When we breathe we take air inside our lungs where exchange of gases takes place i. e. oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide is given out. When the body needs more oxygen the breathing rate is increased.
Introduction of Human Lungs

Material/ Resources

Charts of human lungs, textbook

Worm up Activity

·         Ask the students if they can name different parts of their bicycle. Write students’ responses on the board.
·         Tell the students that as the bicycle has many parts, our body is also made of many parts. These parts are called organs.
·         Ask the students to name all the organs of body which they can see and touch. Write students’ responses on board.
·         Make them focus that these are the external parts of their body e.g. ear, eye, teeth, and skin.
·         Explain that like these external parts there are some parts inside the body which also perform variety of functions.



·         Explain the working of lungs by the following way.
·         Call a student and ask him/her to inhale air. Point out the expansion of his/her lungs
·         Now ask the students to exhale air. Point out the contraction of his/her lungs
·         Ask the other students to observe his/her chest movement
·         Use interactive approach of teaching to explain why we breathe
·         Ask the students to place their arms on their chest and feel the up and down movements of the ribs during inhalation and exhalation.
·         Inform the students that we normally breathe 15 times in a minute
·        Introduce the air passageway in body by making a simple drawing on board.    

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Lungs work for breathing i.e. taking air in and out of the body.
·         Draw following table on the board.
·         Instruct the students how to fill the table.
·         They will explain their understanding by completing the table
 Organ name


Follow up

·         Ask each student to choose one of the organs taught in this lesson. All students will make drawings of the chosen organs. They will also write the function of the organ.

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