Life Cycle of Flowering Plant

Lesson Plan of Life Cycle of Flowering Plant

General Science Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Draw and label key stages in the life cycle of a Flowering Plant

Information for Teachers

·         A living organism passes through a series of changes from its birth to the time it produces its next generation. This series of changes is called the life cycle of organism.
·         Flowering plants produce seeds in their flower. A seed germinates and develops into seedling with a tiny root and stem. Growth continues in the seedling and it forms small plant. The tiny plant continues to grow and forms more stem, root and leaves. After growth in the body, the plant produces its flowers.
Life Cycle of Flowering Plant

Material / Resources

Pictures of egg, Chick and hen, posters / pictures of the life cycle stages of frog, butterfly, textbook

Worm up Activity

·         Show the pictures of egg, chick and hen (if available) or otherwise write the names (egg, chick and hen) on the board.
·         Ask students to point out the sequence of stages present in these pictures.  
·         Show the pictures of seed, seedling, small plant and tree (if available) and ask students to point out the sequence of stages.
·         Ask, “Can you describe the stages of your life”? Guide students to compare the above mentioned stages with the stages of their own lives i.e. toddler, teenager and
·         Discuss the term “life cycle” with the student.


Activity 1

·         Show students potted flowering plants and recall their learning about the parts of the plants.
·         Ask the students that most of the plants they see around are flowering plants and they produce flowers. When flowers are mature, they make fruits.
·         Show the students, fruits that have been cut open to expose their seeds.
·         Describe the germination of seeds (in simple words) into seedlings. Show the pictures of seedlings and let students predict what stage of plant life would come next.
·         Describe the growth of seedlings into tiny plants and then into adult plants with flowers.
·         Discuss how the life cycle of plants is different from the life cycle of animals.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Living organisms pass through a series of changes from their birth to the time they produces its next generation. This series of changes is called life cycle of organisms.
·         In flowering plant, seeds are produced. From seeds, seedling is produced and from seedling an adult plant grows.


·         Ask the students to write in circles the number of the stages of plant’s life cycle and to write the names of the stages.

Follow up

·         Ask the students  the questions:
1.       Describe the role of flowers in life cycle of plants.
·         Ask the students to sow soya beans and pea seeds in soil and observe their growth.



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