Lesson Plan of Vowels

 Lesson Plan of Long and Short Vowel and diphthongs

             Subject English

                   Grade 3

   Students’ Learning outcomes

·         Pronounce and spell long and short vowels and diphthongs as they occur as practice items and sentences in reading lesson.

                                       Information for Teacher

·         Diphthongs vowels are vowel semi – vowel sounds that combine two separate sounds into a single unbroken sound.


·          Words that have two letters together with one vowel and that make one sound are called diphthongs.


·         Two common diphthongs in English are:   


         /ow/ sound as in the word cow, how, bow, now, wow, owl, grown, allow and                                 The  /oy/ sound as in the word boy , toy,joy, royal, enjoy.      
Worksheet for conducting additional work session related to short Vowel.





·         These terms are only for teacher’ reference. While the students will learn the term ‘Diphthong’ itself.

                                           Material / Resources       

Board, chalks, making of picture cards/ flash cards as attached in the lesson plan.      


            Activity 1

Write the words having ‘ow’, ‘oy’, ‘oi’, ‘ou’ sounds on the blackboard and ask the students to look and read the words written on the board, aloud:


       ‘ow’ sound                                                                                          ‘oy’ sound


         Cow, wow, now                                                                               boy, toy, joy


    ‘oi’ sound                                                                                              ‘ou’ sound




       Boil, soil, coil                                                                                our, your, hour


Read / repeat the ‘ow’, ‘oy’, ‘oi’, ‘ou’ sound having words in pairs.


 Say :  “Today, we are focusing  on words with the /ow/ sound and the /oy/ sound. We call these sounds diphthongs” ( note that the spelling is “diphthongs,” (read ‘ph’ as ‘f’ sound) not “diphthongs”


 Spell Cow (answer: cow.) find out the vowel in the word ‘cow’. (Answer:   o) Here ‘ow’ is making one sound so it is a diphthong.


Ask the students to read aloud all the words written on the blackboard one by one. If the students can read the words without help, appreciate them by asking all the class to clap for the student who has spelt and pronounced correctly.


Repeat: words having two letters together with one vowel sound are called diphthong.

               Activity 2

·         Divide the class into small groups having five or six students. Give each group their notebook and ask them to write words that have ‘ow’ and ‘oy’ sound in it ( Answer: bow, now, how, wow, boy, toy, joy).


·          If they are not able to do this activity in groups then ask them: Choose words having ‘ow’ and ‘oy’ in them from the list on the board (like the one given below): cow, wow, show, now, owl, toy, joy, enjoy, royal.


·         Select words having ‘ow’ and ‘oy’ sound each from the list maintained in the notebook and use them in sentences.

                                             Sum up / Conclusion

·        Ask the students to describe a diphthong.


·         Ask to give some example of diphthongs.


·         Ask them to give example of long and short vowel sounds.


·        Students’ answers must be continuously assessed. Help must be provided to all students based on the sounds they find difficult to recognize or pronounce.

Involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/ chapter.

                                            Follow up

Write 5 words having ‘oy/ow’ sound in them and also mention if it has a long or short vowel



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