Matter and Its States

                    Lesson Plan of Matter and Its States

                           General Science Grade IV

                          Students’ Learning Outcome

       Explain how one state of matter (Solid, Liquid, and Gas) dissolves in other.


                  Information for Teachers

          Common salt and sugar when added in water disappear to give mixture. This is called dissolving a solid into liquid.
          Similarly a gas can also dissolve in Liquid water, like soda water /cold drink.

          While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult textbook at all step where and when applicable.

                                  Material / Resources

       Water, sugar, glasses, spoon, common salt, chalk powder, soil, glucose, baking powder, lemon juice and vinegar.

Worm up Activity

       Half fill the glass with water and add a spoon full of sugar in it. Stir it with a spoon.
   Ask the students:
          What happens to the sugar?
 (Students’ response: The sugar has dissolved)
          What is the name of the mixture you get in the above activity?
(Students’ response: Solution)
          The above solution is a mixture of which two state of matter?
(Students’ response: Solid and Liquid)
          After collecting the response of students, introduce today’s topic.


Activity 1

          Take the following substances and add one by one in water.
Common salt powder, chalk powder, glucose, baking powder, red chilies powder.
          Ask the students to tick the name of the solid things which dissolve in water like the way sugar dissolves.
          Ask the students to name the substance which can dissolve in water?
(Students’ response: Soluble materials: common salt, glucose and baking powder)

Activity 2

Take a soda water bottle and open its lid. Ask students the following questions:
        What does come out of water in the form of bubbles?
(Students’ response: A gas called carbon dioxide comes out of water in the form of bubbles).
        How does soda water taste?
(Students response: It tastes is sour).
        Soda water is a mixture of which state of matter?
(Students’ response: It is a mixture of a liquid (water), gas (carbon dioxide) and sugar (solid).

Activity 3

          Take water in one glass and lemon juice in another glass.
          Mix the two liquids. Ask students the following questions:
        What happens when the two liquids are mixed together?
(Students’ response: They dissolve into each other).
        What is the name of the mixture you get after mixing the above two liquids?
(Students’ response: Solution)


          Ask the students to:
        Name any two liquids which mix with water like the way lemon juice mixes with water.
(Students’ response: a. Honey     b.  Vinegar)
        Name any two liquids which do not mix with water and form separate layers.
(Students’ response:  a. Kerosene   b. Cooking oil)
      Fish like other animals cannot live without oxygen. From where do thy get oxygen?
(Students’ response: some oxygen from air is dissolved in water).
       Make a list of the following things on board and ask which of the following things dissolve in water and which do not?
Honey, kerosene oil, petrol, vinegar, marble chips, urea fertilizer, sand.
(Students’ response:  Things which do not mix with water are: Kerosene oil, petrol, marble chips, and thing which mix in water are: Honey, vinegar and urea fertilizer)
       Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given
in the exercise at end of unit / chapter.

                               Follow up

       Write these questions on the board and ask the students to note down on their note books.
          What is air?
(Students’ response: Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapours)
          See water is a solution of which state of matter?
(Students’ response: See water is a solution of liquid water and solid common salts)
          Which things are mixed to prepare lassi?
(Students’ response: Lassi is prepared by mixing yogurt, water and sugar)
          Which things are mixed to prepare a cup of tea?
(Students’ response: Tea is prepared by mixing tea leaves, water and sugar).














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