Lesson Plan of Multi-Syllables

English Grade V

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         What are multi-syllable?
·         Write multi-syllable words with correct spellings.

Information for Teachers

·         Syllable is the smallest unit of sound in word.
·         Each syllable is formed with the blending of a vowel sound: a, e, I, o, u and consonant sounds.
·         Syllables help in breaking words into smaller units for ease of spelling and pronunciation.
·         Monosyllabic words: There are single syllable words e.g. cat, dog, etc.
·         Di-syllabic: There are double syllable words that are called di-syllabic words e.g. ho/ly, cre/scent, bas/ball, cup/cake, hap/en, den/tist, etc.
·         Multi- Syllable: the words having three or more syllable words are called multi- syllable words such as cong/ra/tu/la/tion/s, im/pres/sive, im/ag /in, hel/i/cop/ter, etc.
·         Multisyllabic words may have more than one syllable that receive secondary stress.
·         (/) slash: Introduce slash to (/) tell the students that this sign is used to separate two things/items.
·         Dictation of 8 – 10 words is a suitable limit for a session.
·         Decrease the number to 7 – 8 if the words are very long/complex with complex vowel sounds.
·         Students need not be able to count or identify syllables.
·         They only need to know how to spell the words.

Material / Resources

Chalk/marker, list of two/three and four syllable words from students’ textbook or any familiar text

Worm up activity

·         Say the word ‘recognize’.
·         Ask students to follow the sounds and try to spell it.
·         Once they do, tell them to now spell ‘recognizable’
·         Then tell them to add a few more letters to make it ‘unrecognizable’
·         Tell students that long words seem difficult, but they are easy to spell if you break them down into smaller parts.
·         Ask students to generate a list of short words, then a list of long words from their textbooks.
·         Ask students to repeat a series of words you say.


Activity 1

·         Write the following words on the board.
·         Ask the students to come to the board and complete these words:
    unhap _ y,    parti _ul_rly,     s_meb_dy,  or_gi_al_y,  b_d,  me_ciful, fl_wer, p_litic_an.
Answer key:
Unhappy, particularly, somebody, originally, bad (bed, bud, bid), merciful, flower, politician
·         Ask students to find 15 words and ensure that they are words that have spellings difficult to learn, each one with a minimum of 8 letters of alphabet
·         Give your own list of 15 words that you want them to know spellings of.
·         Write the words on the board and ask students to learn spellings.

Activity 2

·         Rub the board and ask the students to open their copies and get ready for dictation.
·         Dictate the words at least twice.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Repeat how long words can be broken down into smaller words to spell them.
·         Repeat how we can use phonics to guide us to spell a word.


·         Write the dictation words on the board and ask the students to do self-correction.
·         Take rounds in the class and ask the students about their scores.

Follow up

·         Ask the students to find five multiple syllable words from their English textbook.



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