Lesson Plan of Naming Words & Action Words


Naming Words & Action Words

English Grade 1st

Planning & Preparation:

·         Action words are also called verbs.
·         A verb is a word used to express an action, a condition , or a state of being
·         For introduction and initial lessons , need to focus on simple present tense (without subject verb agreement)

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·         Such as sit, stand, write, laugh, walk or present continuous tense e.g. standing, writing, laughing, walking for describing action happening in a picture
Leaning Objective:
·         Read common naming and action words and match with pictures
·         Write appropriate naming and action words to identify an object or an action in picture
·         Show a series of actions in a picture by writing action verbs
Resources & Class Room layout
Boards, charts with different activities, flashcards, texts
Structure of session/ activities

Activity 1

·         Model some simple actions and ask students to guess:
o   What are you doing? Such as walking, laughing, crying, singing
·         Write I like to…….. On the board and ask the students about things they like to do. Such as eat, talk, sing, sleep etc.

Activity 2

·         Tell the students that the words we use to describe an action are action words
·         Anything you do is an action, even sleeping
·         Introduce common action words with Total Physical Response Method(TPR)
·         In this method, do the following steps:
o   Say a word while performing it yourself. Such as if you have to teach the word ‘walk’ , walk while saying the word aloud
·         Say the word again and now ask students to perform
·         Perform together with the students
·         This activity can also be done in pairs or groups
·         Create similar activities using more action words
·         Give worksheets with pictures and action words written on them
·         Help students to read these words

Activity 3

·         Ask the students to look at the picture and tell what is happening in the picture
·         Ask the students to tell action words for each picture you select
·         Now select the picture which shows series of action in a story or poem
·         Ask the students to tell action words for each picture
How I will check for understanding

·         Use the following  worksheet for assessment


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