Lesson Plan of Naming Words [Proper Nouns]

Lesson Plan of Naming Words [Proper Nouns]

Subject English

Grade II

Students` Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize more particular names of people, pets and places.
  • List items of a similar category from a given text or picture.

Information for Teachers

  • There are two kinds of nouns: Common nouns and Proper nouns.

Naming Words [Proper Nouns]

  • A common noun names general items. Common nouns are not capitalized such as; country, winter, river, boy and girl.
  • A proper noun names a particular person, place or thing.
  • It always names a specific item (such as; River Jhelum, Aslam, Pakistan).

Naming Words [Proper Nouns]

  • The first letter of a proper noun is always capitalized (for example: I live in Pakistan. Where is Amman?)

Material / Resources

Writing board, chalk/marker, duster, flashcards, objects that are of interest to children such as plastic animals, cars and other toys, real or plastic flowers, fruits, vegetables


  • Write the following words on board or make flashcards of these words.

Naming Words [Proper Nouns]

  • Ask the student:
      • What are these? (The students might answer; Nouns)
  • Tell them that these are common nouns as they name general things.
  • Now point towards the word ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ and ask the students:
  • Can you give me the name of a boy/girl?
  • Write the names that students give on the board (for example; Amman, Ali, Usman, Maria).

Naming Words

  • Now point towards the common nouns written on the board / flashcards and ask students to give names of a river, school, subject and pet.

Naming Words

  • Tell the students the things they have told the names of are proper nouns and the ones written on top are common nouns.
  • Tell them that common nouns are general/common things such as country, pet animal such as cat, parrot, etc.
  • Tell them proper nouns are specific things such as Pakistan, Mano/Mitho, Sheehan, Karan, etc.
  • Now tell the students that all the proper nouns start with capital letters and all the common nouns with small ones.
  • Further explain the concept of common and proper nouns name general things like country, city, school etc. (there can be many schools, countries, cities, etc.) whereas proper nouns name special things (there is just one of each for e.g. Pakistan, Lahore).


Activity 1

  • Give the students worksheets with the following table drawn on it or draw the table on board.
  • Ask the students to match the common nouns with the relevant proper nouns.

Naming Words

Activity 2

  • Write the following sentences on the board.
  • Ask the students to underline all the common nouns and circle all the proper nouns.
      • Samira played with her sister.
      • Farman went to friendly`s toy shop.
      • The car stopped quickly.
      • Badashahi Mosque is a beautiful mosque.
      • Mahal and her friend ran after the cat.
      • Did you see Rehan in the school?
  • Note: The activity is solved for the convenience of the teacher. The bold words are proper nouns and underlined words are common nouns.

Activity 3

  • Divide the class into pairs.
  • Now write the following paragraph on the board:

Naming Words Naming Words

  • Now draw a table on the board with two columns, one for common nouns and one for proper nouns.
  • Ask the students to work together and underline all the common nouns and circle all the proper nouns and then put them in the right columns.

Sum up / Conclusion

Naming Words

  • Ask the students the following questions:
      • What are nouns?
      • What are common and proper nouns?


  • Ask the students to complete the following tale by writing proper noun for each common noun. The table can be drawn on the board for the students to copy.

Naming Words Naming Words

Follow up

  • Ask the students to give at least three proper nouns for each of the following common nouns given below.

Naming Words

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