Lesson Plan of Narrative Paragraph Writing

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Write a short narrative in the first person which describes events:
o   Use sequential order
o   Use specific adjectives and adverbs
o   Use appropriate tense
o   Use appropriate transitional devices
·         Analyze to use in their own writing, the elements of a story:
o   Beginning, middle and end
o   Plot
o   Human or animal characters and their roles
o   Dialogues
o   Setting

Information for Teacher

·        Narrative Writing:
Telling a story:
   Definition: The primary purpose of narrative writing is to describe an experience, event, or sequence of events in the form of a story.
Who, what, where, when, why, how
First, then, next, finally
Narrative Story Writing
·         Create a story plan with 3 essential elements: character, setting and plot
·         Series of events to show sequence(Beginning, middle and end)
·         Story frame to develop the plot: (Introduction, rising action, climax)
·         Incorporates dialogue into the story.
·         The general characteristics of a narrative writing include:
1.       Revealing something of importance-narrative make a point and that point is usually defined in the first sentence but may appear as the last sentence in the first paragraph.
2.       Depicting characters and setting vividly- bring the story to life by using your senses to depict the events of the story: how does it look, sound, feel, smell. Include the important events that make up the story in enough detail for your readers to understand what happened while avoiding any details that don’t relate to the main point.
3.       Showing, not telling-used vivid and precise verbs when describing your events.
Narrative Story Writing
4.       Presenting events in a clear, chronological order- use a logical progression with good transitions when moving from point-to-point.

Concept Map

Material / Resources

Board, chalk/marker, above mention concept map, paper slips

Worm up activity

·         (Stories from words) prepare stories from the given words as chain stories.
·         Prepare paper slips with some nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns and preposition.
·         Give one slip to each student.
·         Teacher begins the story with the word written on her slip and instructs them to keep the sequence of events in mind and make suitable sentences to make an interesting story with the words written on their slips.
·         Prepare paper slips with nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns and prepositions.
v  Put all slips in a bowl/basket
v  Ask students to pick one slip each.
v  Teacher gives the first two sentences of a story.
v  Students take turns to continue by adding one sentence using the words from their slips.
v  In this way they will complete the story.


Activity 1

·         Teacher will use the following questions to channelize students ‘writing:
v  What is the most important thing or the main event that happens in your story?
v  Does the story stay focused on the most important thing/main event?
v  Is there any idea or event in your story that is not important to the main event?
v  Does your story have a clear beginning, middle and end?
v  Are the ideas and actions connected to each other?
v  Can your reader follow the story logically from beginning to end?
v  Is the story complete?
v  Does the story have a conclusive ending?

Support and Elaboration

·         Extensions and development of the main topic for class VIII only:
1.       Is your story developed with specific details that are related to the main event?
2.       Do all of the details move the story along?
3.       Does your story have enough elaboration so that your reader can see and feel what is happening?
4.       Can you show me an example where your reader can see or feel what is happening?
5.       Did you include any quotation (actual words spoken)
6.       And thought and emotions of the characters in your story?
·         Use of language that is appropriate to the topic.
7.       Did you choose appropriate words for your purpose?
8.       Did you use a variety of sentences that to express your ideas effectively?
9.       Did you use appropriate transitional devices?
Correct sentence formation, usage, mechanics and spelling
10.   Are your sentences complete?
11.   Do you have any sentence fragments/phrases that need to be completed?
12.   Does your story demonstrate standard usage? (Avoid slang/chat/SMS language)
13.   Is there subject-verb agreement?
14.   Is there consistency in verb tense?
15.   Are pronouns used correctly?
16.   Are punctuation, capitalization, spelling and paragraphs used correctly in your story?
17.   Have you spelled most common words correctly?
18.   Have you used paragraphs appropriate?
Sum up / Conclusion
·         Conclude the lesson by repeating all the main points of the lesson.
(Can be used for class VIII)
·         Divide students in groups of 4-5 and ask them to write a mystery story.
·         Give them a sample mystery story (stories from the textbook can be used).
·         Students to complete a chart with character details and plot details.
·         Draw a box in the middle of a piece paper/the writing board.
v  Write the crime for your mystery in the middle box
v  Draw more four boxes surrounding the center box
·         Draw lines connecting the middle box to each surrounding box.
·         Write the name of the detective in box#1 with his characteristics.
·         Write the name of suspect in boxes 2-4 with key details.
·         Underneath the diagram, write two to three sentences setting up the situation.
·         Write a story about the best celebration you have ever had, tell why this is your favorite.
·         Think of a time when you were exposing.
·         It might be your first plane ride or the first time you had to make a speech on stage.
·         Tell what happened and how you read.
Follow up


·         Write a story about being an eyewitness at the sight of an accident.
          Narrative Writing Name ___________________________
         Story title: _______________________________________
         Who will it be about _______________________________
          What will happen to the character: __________________
        Why it happen to the character: _____________________
      Why did it happen and what did they do: _____________
    How was it resolved: _______________________________
Narrative Writing Checklist:
1.       Did you use 2 to 3 sentences to introduce the topic?
2.       Did you introduce your topic with supporting details?
3.       Is your topic sentence clear and catchy for the reader?
4.       Do you have a paragraph for each of your 3-5 details?
5.       Did you back up each detail with facts?

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