Oral Communication

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Lesson Plan of Oral Communication

English Grade IV

Students’ Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate conventions and dynamics of group oral interaction to:
·         Use polite expressions to seek attention:
o   Agree / Disagree

o   Lead and Follow




Information for Teachers

·         Give your students vocabulary that can be used to seek attention, agree/disagree politely.
Examples are given below:

To seek attention:

Excuse me! May I talk to you?
Excuse me! Do you have some time?

Excuse me! May I take your one minute?

To agree/disagree

a)      I agree with you.
b)      That is true.
c)       You are absolutely right.
d)      Exactly (agree)
e)      I don’t think so. I’m afraid I disagree.
f)       That’s not always the case (disagree)
·         Use your facial expressions to show agreement / disagreement, etc. while talking to the students.
·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also use the textbook where required.

Material / Resources

Chalks/ markers, duster, board, chart, etc

Worm up activity

·         Tell the students that we have to agree or sometimes disagree with our fiends/parents/class fellows etc. for this we should not be harsh rather we should be very polite whether we agree or disagree.
·         Tell them that it is important to be polite when one disagree with others.
·         Tell them that the best way of expressing yourself in English is to learn some of the expressions and then keep on practicing them with your class fellows and friends.
·         Give them a situation where three students are having a discussion about their sports day. Select three students from your class and divide dialogues among them. Give them some time to learn the dialogues before they can act their roles in the class.




Activity 1

·         Read the dialogue and underline expression of agreement and disagreement.
Talha(Excitedly) : Our sports day is on Tuesday.
Ahmad(Surprised): I don’t think so. Who told you about it?
Talha: Yesterday, the teacher announced it in the class.
Ahmad: That’s great but don’t you think it is too hot these days?
Talha: You are absolutely right. They should not arrange it this month.
Nadeem:  I am afraid I don’t agree with you.
Talha: Why?
Nadeem: Actually the next month will be even hotter.
Ahmad: Very true. Let’s eat ice cream now.

Nadeem and Talha (Together): That’s great.





Activity 2

·         Tell the students that if they want to get somebody’s attention they should use certain polite expressions so that others don’t feel bad/upset/offended.
·         Write the following expression on the board, ask a student to come and act out the following expressions with you.
o   Excuse me, may I talk to you?
Sorry, I’m late already.
o   Excuse me; may I have a minute of your time?
o   Excuse me, do you have some time?
Yes of course!  Why not. What do you want to say?
·         Now ask the students to work in pairs and practice their dialogues in the class.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Today we have learnt how to agree and disagree with others and how to seek their attention using polite expressions.


·         Ask any of the pair of students to come forward and act out the expressions they have practiced, in front of the class.

Follow up

·         Ask the students to practice using the expressions they have learns, with their friends, class fellows, school fellows and family members.



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