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Lesson Plan of Paragraphs

English Grade V

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         What is paragraph?
·         Read a paragraph as larger significant unit of expression to identify that
o   The main idea in a paragraph is carried in a sentence, called a topic sentence.
o   Former sentences in the paragraph backing the topic sentence.

Information for Teachers

·         /ˈpær.ə.ɡrɑːf/
·         Paragraph: A paragraph is a collection of sentences that fleshes out a single idea.
·         A paragraph is a chain of sentences that are organized and logical, and are all connected to a single topic.
·         A short portion of a text, consisting of at least one sentence and start on a new line. It commonly deals with a single occurrence, description, idea, etc.
·         A worthy paragraph contains:
o   A Topic Sentence:  this is the main idea or subject of the writing.
o   Detail Sentence: these are the sentences that describe and give more detail about the main idea.
o   Logical Order: the sentences have to be put together in a way that makes sense.
o   You have to make sure that all the sentences are about the main idea.
·         Main idea of a sentence is given in the topic sentence.
·         Sometimes a paragraph starts with the topic sentence. At other times it may come in the middle or in the end. But it is the only sentence in the paragraph which has the main idea and about which all other sentences of the paragraph are written.
·         Unity of Thought: means that all ideas are connected and relate to one topic.
·         Recap with students that transitional devices are used in sentences to show a meaningful unit of expression and thought

Material / Resources

Chalk/marker, colored chalk, board, textbook

Worm up activity

·         Tell students about the main idea of paragraph. i.e. the topic sentence and paragraphs.
·         Tell them that ‘words join together to make sentences; and sentences are arranged in the proper manner to make paragraphs.


Activity 1

·         Students take out a passage of their own choice from their textbook.
·         This work can be done individually or in pairs.
·         They must identify by underlining the topic sentence and numbering the related ideas in the paragraph.
·         The paragraph must have the topic sentence and supporting / related ideas in the body of the paragraph.
·         They must circle  pronouns and transitional devices (joining words to show relationship in the sentences in the paragraph) (This is done as a reinforcement of the concept related and learnt earlier)
·         Move around in the class and help students improve their work.

Activity 2

·         Ask students to write simple 3-sentence paragraphs on a food of their choice, on Things that Make Me Happy or on any other topic.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Ask two students what a topic sentence is?
·         Ask them the share the topic sentence of their selected paragraph.
·         Praise the correct work, as an encouragement and motivation for others.


·         Assess students’ responses in the class during their responses in the activities.

Follow up

·         Ask students to underline the topic sentence in each paragraph of the next chapter in their textbook.
·         Also circle the pronouns and joining words (transitional devices) in each paragraph.

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