Lesson Plan of Paragraphs

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Show relationships between sentences in a paragraph, and between paragraphs.

Information for Teachers

·         A paragraph has a main sentence and then its explanation.
·         When we write we must put all sentences about one thing or idea together in a paragraph i.e. every paragraph talks about just one thing in detail.


Material / Resources

Board, chalk/marker, textbook


Activity 1

·         Brainstorm (ask for ideas from students) about the topic MY HOME.
·         Write the ideas on the board.
·         Keep sample chart of mind map for your reference.
·         Collect ideas on board according to the chart. Do this for almost ten minutes.
·         Ask students to write three paragraphs about the topic.
·         Give clear instructions to students. Remind them of parts of paragraphs, use of pronouns, transitional devices and punctuation to make a meaningful paragraph.

Sum up / Conclusion

·         Ask students to come forward and read their paragraphs to the class.
·         Display the paragraph in a prominent place, under the heading ‘YOUNG WRITERS OF CLASS’


·         Assess students through their responses and written work.
·         Teacher is also required to involve the students in solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit/chapter.

Follow up

·         Ask the students to ‘illustrate the paragraph at home’ (Draw and color a picture according to the topic.)

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