Lesson Plan of Parts of Body

      Lesson Plan of Parts of Body and their Function

                           General Science Grade IV

                   Students’ Learning Outcomes

          Demonstrate the Important parts of the body.

          Define the functions of the parts of the body (Teeth, Bones, Muscles, Brain, Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Skin, Eyes and Ear).

      Information for Teachers

         In our whole Life there are two periods of teethes.
Temporary Teeth and Permanent Teeth. There are four kinds of Final teeth
 (1) Incisor (2) Canine
(3) Pre – molars (4) Molars
Parts of Body
          Bones are solid parts of our body. In the birth time there are 300 bones
in a baby’s body. But later these remain 206.
          Tissue: A group of similar cells.
          Organ: Parts of body composed of tissues.
          System: Set of more than one organ that perform any special function.
          Organism: Set of all the systems of a living body – a living thing.
          Digestive system: System of digestion of food.
          Respiratory System: System of breathing.
          Excretory System: System for the removal of waste material.
          Nervous system: System of conduct the messages.
          Circulatory System: System for transport the blood in body.
          Ear: Human ear consist of three parts
1.      Outer Ear  2. Middle Ear 3. Inner Ear

                          Duration: 40 Minutes

                            Material / Resources

                                         Leaves of Plant, Stone, Pictures, Mirrors,

        Worm up Activity

  • Ask the students if they can name different parts of their bicycle. Write students’ response on the writing board.
  • Tell the students that as the bicycle has many parts, our body is also made of many parts. These parts are called organs.
  • Ask the students to name all the organs of body which they can see and touch. Write students’ response on board.
  • Make them focus that these are the external parts of their body e. g. ear, eye, teeth and skin.
  • Explain that like these external parts there are some parts inside the body, which also perform variety of function.





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