Lesson Plan Of Plurals Nouns English Grade 3


          Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Recognize and apply spelling change in plural form of nouns and regular verb form.

                                  Information for Teachers

          Singular Noun Definition:

·         When a noun means only one, it is said to be singular.
Example:  boy, girl, book, lamp, box, etc.

        Plural Noun Definition:

·         Boys, girls, books, lamps, boxes, etc.

        Rules for Changing Number of Nouns:

                         Rule 1:

·         The plural of nouns is usually formed by adding ‘s’ to a singular noun.


Lamp/lamps, flower/flowers. Fork/forks, pen/pens, cat/cats, etc.

                           Rule 2:

·         Nouns ending in s, x, z, o, ch and sh form the plural by adding ‘es’.




Moss / mosses,  box / boxes, buzz / buzzes, potato / potatoes, dish / dishes, lunch / lunches, etc.
Rule 3:
·         Nouns ending in ‘y’ that come after a vowel, form their plural by adding ‘s’.


Day / days, toy / toys, valley / valleys.

                                 Rule 3:

·         Nouns ending in ‘y’ that come after a consonant are formed into a plural by replacing ‘y’ with ‘ies’.


·         Lady / ladies, city / cities, baby / babies. 
Pronunciation alert:
·         In standard English plural form words usually have a ‘z’ sound at the end:
Chairs        =     spoken as chairz/             girls     =      spoken as girlz
·        While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where applicable.                         
Material  / Resources
                                                       Worksheet, board, chalks, textbook.

                               Worm Up Activity

·         Bring a set of two or more than two for any of the object:   pencils, books, papers, cups, to the class
·         Hold one item at a time and write a pencil, a paper and write the word on the board.
·         Then using a different colored chalk, add ‘s’ to each noun to form plural. Ask students to read both singular and plural forms.
·         Write vocabularly about ‘ My Body’ on the board. Using the following words as a guidline:
Knee,   eyebrow, ear, mouth, jaw, forehead, elbow, ankle, finger, wrist, heel, tongue, hand, arm, etc.
·         Ask the students to say the plural form and come forward to add ‘s’ to each word.

   Activity 1

·         Write the following sentences on the wring board.
·         Ask the students to write the correct plural form of the noun in each sentence.
1.       There are four _______________ on the table (brush)
2.       I saw two ______________________swimming in the tank. (man)
3.       A group of _____________________ sit in the room. (girl)
4.       Amna and Ali brush their __________every day. (tooth)
5.       I read five ________________ last week. (book)
6.       There are many _________________in the field. (mouse)
7.       I need three __________________ to move my stuff. (box)
8.       All the _________________________ go to school. (students)

       Activity 2

·         Ask the students to write the plural form of the following singular words:
1.       Cat                                                                  ______________________
2.       Fox.                                                                 ___________________________
3.       Class                                                                _____________________
4.       Brush                                                               ____________________
5.       Lady                                                                 __________________
6.       Brush                                                              ____________________
7.       Key                                                                  ____________________
8.       Lunch                                                              ___________________
9.       Tree                                                                _________________
10.   House                                                             _______________
11.    Foot                                                              _________________
12.   Ox                                                                  _________________
13.   Girl                                                                _________________
14.   Chalk                                                             ________________
15.   Child                                                              __________________
                                               Sum Up / Conclusion
·         Ask the students to change the following singular words in plural form and plural words in singular form.
        Ladies                                                seed                                          children
        Girls                                                   potatoes                                   butterfly
        Witches                                             glass                                           soap
         Baby                                                  monkey
Words can be added or subtracted according to the level of the class.
·         Write the correct plural forms on the wring board and ask the students to write the singular words for them.
·         Take the words from the previous activities.
                                                       Follow Up
·         Write ‘ My body’ on the board and ask the students to make a wb of their body:
·         They must tell the names of the body parts that are only one or more than one in their body.
·         They make table for this as well.    Sample is given below:

·         Teacher can change the activity according to their choice.

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