Lesson Plan of Position Words

Students’ Learning Outcomes

·         Explain simple position on a picture, photograph or a map.

                   Information for Teachers

·         Position of words or preposition tell us about the position, location or the place of things and people e.g. on, in, under, up, down, etc.



·         The picture is attached at the end of the lesson.
·         While teaching the lesson, the teacher should also consult the textbook where applicable.

   Material / Resources

Board and chalk, pencil or book or any other interesting thing easily available, picture attached, notebooks, a teddy bear, a doll, a brightly colored ball.

        Worm Up Activity

·         Tell them that today we will all play a game.
·         Place a teddy bear on the table and ask students: what are you doing?
Answer: “you are putting the teddy bear on the table”
·         Place the brightly colored ball under the chair and ask about its position from the students.
Answer: The ball is under the table.
·         Then, place the doll in the box and ask: where is the doll now?
Answer: The doll is in/inside the box.
·         Tell them that in, on, under, inside are the position words and are called prepositions because they tell us about the position of the things/people.
·         Ask them to tell any other preposition word if they know.




      Activity 1

·         Call a student and tell him/her to sit on a chair.
·         Call another student and tell him/her to sit under the table/(class entrance).
·         Call another student and ask him/her to place the pencil in the box.
·         Ask the students to repeat the actions saying, on the chair, under the table/ desk/class, in the box for clarity of the concept.
·         Appreciate the children by saying good/very good for their responses/answers.

      Activity 2

·         Divide class in pairs.


·         Show the following picture to the class and ask them: “What can you see in the picture?”.
·         You can draw the picture on a page/chart paper or can use the table in the class for practical demonstration and display/paste it on the board),
( possible answer: A classroom scene, a table, drawers, book, briefcase/bag,dustbin,papers,floor/tiles.
·         Ask the students to discuss in pairs ( five minutes) the position of things present in the above picture using on,in,under.
1.       The clock is ________________________the wall.
2.       The ball i s _________________________the table.
3.       The carpet is ______________________the floor.
4.       The lamp is ___________________________the table.
5.       The flowers are ______________________vase.
6.       The book is _______________________the table.
7.       The cushion is _______________________the sofa.

    Activity 2

·         Write the following questions on the blackboard and ask the students to write their answer in the notebooks.
           Position Words


·         Where is the dustbin in your class?
Answer: The dustbin is lying in the corner.
·         Where is the blackboard placed?
Answer: The blackboard is placed on the wall.
·         Where is the bag/briefcase lying?
Answer: The bag/briefcase is on the floor/ under the table.
·         Where is the bundle of newspaper is lying?                                                                                                                                    Answer: The bag/briefcase is on the floor/inside the cupboard.
·         Encourage students to give complete answers.
                              Sum Up / Conclusions
·         Quickly revise the lesson with the students.
·         Ask the students to do as you say and then give them commands using position words,                                For example:
0.         Put both your hands on the desk.
1.       Put your pencil under your chair.
2.       Put your hands in your pockets.
·         Ask students to use the following position words in their sentences and write them in their notebooks:

                    Under,  in,  on

·         Involve the students in solving problems given in exercise at the end of unit/ chapter.
                                               Follow Up

·         Continue to add more position words to the student’s vocabulary and point out to them, the way these are used.



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  1. I like your lesson plans. They are very interesting and simple for AMEP students.

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